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Netflix and Tesla are Thursday winners

Netflix and Tesla are Thursday winners

In the stock market, there are many winners and losers, so it is important to diversify your portfolio. Putting all the eggs in one basket exposes them to market volatility and unforeseen circumstances. For example, taking COVID-19 as an example, a large number of stocks have fallen and remained down because no one has seen them. Although Thursday was a bit dark for investors, Netflix and Tesla had two outstanding stocks. Online media libraries and automakers have outperformed the market, with various indices falling while soaring.

For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 0.62%. This is more important than I expected. The S & P 500 was less dramatic, showing a 0.04% drop to 4,221.86. And while they’re down, Netflix has been inching upwards for two consecutive days, far from any record. In other words, the company’s share price rose about 1.20% to $ 498.34. Prior to that, the stock price was most important on January 20, with a price of $ 593.29.

Netflix seems to be catching up with its previous height, but other competitors aren’t sleeping either. Amazon grew 2.17%, thanks in part to the Amazon Prime Video service. However, Disney did not share the success of online streaming and was almost flat at -0.01%.

As mentioned earlier, the automotive industry is also showing a decent show, with Tesla leading. Automaker stocks surged 1.94% and prices on Thursday were $ 616.60.As for the car, only Toyota matched a little Tesla Movement, 0.74% jump. General Motors fell 2.72% to $ 60.08, a noticeable margin. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. did the same, but the movement was not so big, and after a 0.82% slide, it is now at $ 32.53.

As the market approaches the end of the week, investors want more profitable sessions.

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Netflix and Tesla are Thursday winners Netflix and Tesla are Thursday winners

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