Netflix assassin Flick Kate gets a roguelike tie-up

I’ve been actively taken hostage by the female assassin’s action movie trend, who was in the same room as my partner who relentlessly devoured the Old Guard, Ava, Terminal, Gunpowder Milkshake, and more. Not surprisingly, I was also fascinated by Netflix’s new action movie, Kate, starring assassin Mary Elizabeth Winstead and her teenage hostage Slashside Kick Miku Martino.Surprisingly, Netflix Growing interest in games— Kate has a tie-in action game called Kate: Collateral damage.. A fast-paced, arcade-style roguelike game with twin-stick-style shoots in October.

Kate in the movie chases an assassin of the same name through a bloody revenge mission after her final contract is poisoned by a yakuza criminal boss. She can live 24 hours a day and hunts him down in a Tokyo-based rampage with the help of her palatable hostage Ani and a handful of stimulant syringes. Kate: Collateral damage will literally last quite a bit, you can hear it.

“The timebar at the top of the screen is constantly moving towards the inevitable death of the deadly radioactive poison polonium 204,” says developer Ludic Studios. “Killing enemies slows down the timebar’s depletion and gives you deadly accuracy.” Replenish time with a syringe, replace it regularly when you run out of guns and swords, and boost Ani’s support capabilities. You can use it.

The literal interpretation ends with the roguelike part. It’s no surprise to hear that Kate doesn’t end up trying again with a + 10% damage buff. In Collateral Damage, Ludic Studios states that it will unlock permanent upgrades between runs and temporary perks between levels within the run.

Ludic Studios seems to have chops to make Kate’s adaptation work. They are already playing an arcade action shooter in the 2018 game Akane. It is a set in Tokyo in 2121, 100 years later, “take out as many yakuza as possible, slash and shoot them in a one-hit, one-kill battle.”

Yeah, that’s certainly about the same thing. Steam User Review Hive Mind is Akane’s overall “Overwhelmingly positive“From over 1,500 reviews. I think it’s promising to continue Ludic and let them do more of what they’re good at.

Kate: Collateral damage begins On Steam October 22nd.

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