Netflix removes Shia LaBeouf from award campaign after alleged abuse

Following his big comeback with some major indie hits last year, I searched there for a while Shia LaBeouf He successfully restored his public image and successfully put his career back on track. But this is all undone. Proceedings against former Transformers A star by former partner FKA Twigs. LaBeouf details many cases of physical and emotional abuse of singers / actresses in a year-long relationship.

Timing of these claims-actors have Partially acknowledged and partially rejected – Especially poor for LaBeouf, as his new movie will appear on Netflix next month.Drama movie The puzzle called me Acclaimed at the festival circuit earlier this year, streaming giants clearly want them to win major award candidates. The only thing is that they no longer push LaBeouf to gain recognition.

As IndieWire points out, all traces of LaBeouf’s involvement in the film have been removed from the film’s promotional material. Award page.. The actor’s name is no longer listed in the synopsis and is no longer included in the name of the actor Netflix is ​​seeking a potential nomination.

The puzzle called me Directed by Cornell Mundruzzo, he follows the emotional devastation that results from Martha’s traumatic family birth (Hobbes & ShowVanessa Kirby) and her partner Sean (LaBeouf). LaBeouf’s work in the drama was well received, but it is Kirby who has really received high praise. She won the Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival in September of this year. Netflix wants that. crown Stars may follow it up with Nom at the Academy Award for Best Actress.

This movie may be impressive in the next award season, but don’t expect it Shia LaBeouf Get one of the glory. The puzzle called me It will hit Netflix on January 7th.

Netflix removes Shia LaBeouf from award campaign after alleged abuse

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/netflix-removed-shia-labeouf-awards-campaign-movie/ Netflix removes Shia LaBeouf from award campaign after alleged abuse

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