Netflix reveals Vikings: Valhalla Premier Day

Netflix finally shared the release date Vikings: Valhalla, History channel The long-awaited spin-off of drama Viking..With showrunner Jeb Stuart Viking Creator Michael Hirst will debut on Friday, February 25th.

Vikings: Valhalla Occurs in the early 11th century, 100 years after the event Viking Series Finale. Sabrina’s chilling adventure Veterinarian Sam Corlett starred as Leif Erikson, a famous explorer who is said to have traveled to North America centuries before Christopher Columbus. Frida Gustavsson (The witcher) Are Leif’s ambitious sisters Freydis Eriksdotter and LeoSuter (Sanditon) Plays the Nordic Prince Harald Hardrada.

In this series, when these three legendary Vikings travel the world, the conflict between the Vikings and the British royal family, and between the pagan Vikings and the Christian Vikings does not come back, and finally at the end of the Vikings. Continue as you escalate towards. Year.

Vikings: Valhalla Also, Laura Berlin as Normandy’s ambitious Emma, ​​Bradley Freegard as King Canute of Denmark, Johannes Howkul Johannesson as Harald’s half-brother Olaf, David Oakes as Earl Godwin of the British counselor, Caroline Henderson as Categat Yarharcon, Starring Polyana McIntosh. The Danish Queen Elfgif and Asbjorn Clog Nissen are Jarkale.

In addition to Vikings: Valhalla On its premiere date, Netflix also shared a new photo of a historical drama where you can first see these new characters. More importantly, good bloody behavior in the future.

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