Netflix says it has no plans to acquire Game Studio

Netflix said it has no plans to continue spending on investors in the wake of its first acquisition of a video game studio.

The streaming giant announced in July that it was expanding into the video game market and that former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive Mike Verdu had been appointed as push leaders.

And in late September, Netflix acquired the acclaimed Oxenfree developer Night School Studio.

In this week’s earnings announcement, Netflix co-CEO Wilmot Reed Hastings asked fellow executives how to set expectations “on the night school of the future.”

“Once again, it will be opportunistic,” replied Chief Operating Officer Gregory Peters. “So don’t expect us to shed tears or buy liquor. This is one of the tools we use and opportunistically when we find a great opportunity there. To do.”

Spencer Wang, vice president of finance for the company, said: But, as Greg said, when we see an opportunity to feel like we’re working with a company, I think it’s an opportunity we take. But again, it’s not. Nothing more than that. “

Peters also commented on the decision to buy Night School, which is currently working on Oxenfree II: Lost Signals, and released it on Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC in 2022.

“Especially I’m very excited about the team. The heart of what they actually did is to explore the story and story as an essentially core game mechanic. And that’s what we’ll do. I think it really really fits in with what I’m doing, “he said. “So it’s nice to have them involved and listen to their thoughts and ideas, and I hope it will be a kind of rich partnership over the years to come. I am. “

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