Netflix’s Castlevania has acquired a spin-off series set during the French Revolution •

Starring Richter Belmont and Maria Leonard.

Netflix’s animated adaptation of the legendary video game series Castlevania is now At the end That acclaimed four-season run, and fans are wondering what’s coming next. Today brings the answer: More Castlevania, Dracula But not..

Castlevania’s future on Netflix was questionable when showrunner Warren Ellis was kicked out of the show between Seasons 3 and 4 on allegations of sexual misconduct. The streaming service eventually chose to end the series in its current guise, Rumors suggested A spin-off is underway and Netflix is ​​now officially officializing it.

With Castlevania’s current run finished, Netflix has 1792 Richter Belmont (the sons of the original series lead Trevor Belmont and Sifa Berndaes) and Maria Leonard (both characters familiar to game fans). We are working on a new series that will take you on an adventure in France, which unfolds against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

A little series announcement art, courtesy of Netflix.

Clive Bradley is currently recognized as the screenwriter and showrunner for the new, unnamed series, directed by Sam and Adam Dietz. Powerhouse animations working on the original animated Castlevania Dracula series are back for this follow-up.

Castlevania Season 4-Official Trailer.

Currently, there are no hints on how long Castlevania’s new Netflix spin-off will be released, but there’s no doubt that more streaming services will be shared over time.

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