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The arrival of a new season of Netflix Drive to Survival is increasingly felt as an integral part of building up for the new World Championships. Still, the series is in its third year.

Paddock residents are clearly wary of the presence of Drive to Survive cameras. Compared to last year, there are significantly more shots of drivers and team bosses admitting the presence of lurking Netflix mics.

But that can be expected for one of the obvious reasons. The pandemic minimized the number of teams, making Netflix’s work arrangements more complicated than usual. With far fewer people in the paddock, the Box To Box team that creates Drive to Survive has inevitably been highlighted by this year’s presence.

The simple fact that last year’s paddock was less talkative meant that Netflix had less chance to capture behind-the-scenes gems that made the previous season very attractive. However, they were able to track the subject well and reveal some discussion interactions and the moments revealed (one driver who looks naked is the most obvious example-which one. I’ll leave it to you to guess …)

The pandemic thus meant some shots of the driver together

The series begins with Daniel Ricciardo’s The mother asked him over the phone if he remembered wearing a face mask on his way to Australia for the race. Through a flashback to the pre-season test, which sets some stories for the coming season, you’ll get a sense of imminent doom creeping ahead of the cancellation of the season opener.

The season gained momentum with episode 3 where the Netflix crew was able to follow world champion Mercedes at the Russian Grand Prix.This worked a lot better for Mercedes than the disastrous 2019 German Grand Prix featured last season. Lewis Hamilton By starting his practice in the wrong place, he managed to get Steward’s wrath.

Therefore, this episode is Valtteri Bottas.. The pre-race encounter between Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff and race director Michael Mashi at the gym, as well as a memorable scene with a driver in Finland, proves that he is predicting what will continue. .. Unfortunately, the penalty points were not revoked at the meeting between Hamilton and Steward. This is a rare U-turn decision that the episode completely ignores.

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To some extent, it is understandable that such details are overlooked. F1 is a complex sport, it’s a series aimed at new viewers, and the production already has a lot of explanation. Drive to Survive seems to be very successful in attracting new F1 viewers if it can receive the number of social media fans quoting the series as a sports introduction at face value.

Netflix drive survives season 3
Netflix follows Ferrari’s miserable weekend in Monza

But the constant explanation begins to grate. It comes across a conversation head description and conversation section presented as a live race commentary, specially recorded for the series. That’s acceptable to some extent, but the hype of test and practice sessions in some episodes is really too much. A little more “tell” and a little more “display” are needed.

Like Mercedes, Ferrari has given Netflix access to the team in one race, as well as two races in 2019. At that time, the Drive to Survive team participated in one of the few races in the second half of the season. Sebastian Vettel Charles Leclerc didn’t have any tiffs, so the result was a pretty forgotten 35 minutes.

The Series 3 Ferrari episode is far more compelling, but like many of last year’s championships, it makes Tifosi a tough look. It followed the weekend of the team’s horror show in Monza, relentlessly investigating the debate over the legality of the team’s 2019 power unit, and a pre-season decision that the tense relationship between Vettel and Ferrari would not renew his contract. I will clarify what happened after.

A similar scene is in episode 5, Daniel Ricciardo’s Departure from Renault, where Cyril Abiteboul cut out the most unfortunate figure in the series. While smoking the betrayal recognized by his star driver, Abiteboul has left a lot of anger to turn to the racing point for their “Pink Mercedes”.

RaceFans readers approach Drive to Survive, who already knows what the displayed event looks like. The most satisfying moment in the series is that having that knowledge enhances the enjoyment of the episode.The· Pierre GuthrieRed Bull Team Principal Christian Horner focused on Part 6 to counteract the suggestion that AlphaTauricer should remember the driver who fired 12 months ago before proceeding to the sensational victory of the Italian Grand Prix. Is a good example.

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The opposite is true for the least satisfying episode 7 of the series, “Guenther’s Choice.”After playing the arrogant Steiner, choose whether to fire Romain Grosjean Or Kevin Magnussen, when he finally rejected both, the exposure of his final decision comes as an anti-climax revealed in a short news report at the end of the episode.

Netflix drive survives season 3
Grosjean’s explosive crash is the focus of Episode 9

The motive for adopting Haas Mick Schumacher A visit to the 1 & 1 Sponsored Pitch is the most obvious part of this episode. The presence of Nikita Mazepin will be ignored until he is announced as one of the drivers.The reasons for dropping both drivers have not been investigated beyond Steiner, who points out that Mazepin’s father owns a successful company. “I want to sponsor” the team..

Not surprisingly, Grosjean was featured extensively in another episode, “Man on Fire.” This episode details the crash in Bahrain. In real life, he escaped from the burning cockpit in 27 seconds. This version takes more than 4 minutes, but I imagine it felt even longer than in Grosjean.

Like many big stories this season, it was very extensively covered at the time when Netflix had little to add here. So mix Grosjean’s story with the story of two other drivers who were facing losing their seats at the end of the year – Alex Albon Sergio Perez – a clever touch. It’s a shame that at the end of the episode, a big revelation that Perez’s career was saved by Red Bull came across a mess on a gradual phone call with Hohner.

Netflix drive survives season 3
After a tough break, finally smile at Ricardo and Renault

Given the constraints they had to work with, it’s impressive how much of Season 3 of Drive to Survive feels like a business to Netflix as usual. Some of the episodes are as good as the best of the previous series. I wish they had more time to allow the Williams family to leave. This is a very important moment in the history of one of F1’s greatest teams.

The season finale is more functional than thrilling, but I remember how poor the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last year was, but they don’t do a lot of work. The series has a proper and provocative end, reminding us why so many F1 drivers chose to oppose racism in 2020. This is an important addition enhanced by speaking with the passion and conviction that Hamilton has come to expect from him about this. An important theme.

As an introduction to the sport and a review of the key moments and themes of the 2020 Championship, Drive to Survive is once again a very entertaining watch.

“Drive to Survive” Season 3 will be available on Netflix on March 19th.


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Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” Season 3: Spoiler-Free Review-Race Fans Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” Season 3: Spoiler-Free Review-Race Fans

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