Never get tired of flying immortal enemies

Immortal phoenix sizingThe cartoon take against Ubisoft’s open world games has a great fight.Lifted straight from, it’s not surprising Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, But it works and it feels good.But kill the enemy with Immortal It’s amazing because it not only collapses and dies like a team rocket or an actual team rocket, but also jumps out into the sky.

favorite Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Immortal Use the trigger and face button to fight, swing the sword and ax with the trigger and bumper, and activate the ability with the face button.So fight Immortal Flow like Odyssey, There are many evasions, counter-attacks, and special attacks. However, when the enemy’s health becomes zero, the enemy will not fall. No, they fly into the sky in an explosive and often cheerful way.

This also happens to enemies fighting other than a few bosses. A lonely, small enemy undead enemy soldier? boom! They fly away. A big and huge griffin? It also flies into the sky and flips over in the process. Even random animals encountered like bears are banned by the state and are driven into the sky like cheap bottle rockets purchased across state boundaries.

The first few times this happened, I laughed. But I thought this would be out of date in a few hours. Everyone, it’s not old.

Part of the reason is that we have no idea what a particular explosive exit will look like or end. Sometimes they go straight up without problems. It can also hit nearby trees and pillars and collapse in the process. There was a moment when the enemy was shot into the sky, but before leaving, he knocked down a big tree and crushed a small enemy.

Another reason these high-flying exits don’t get boring after reaching the 30-hour mark is that they are a very satisfying way to end a major battle. Faced with a large group of enemies, you’ll get a great slow-motion effect, close-up on the final kill and the shot where the enemy jumps far away.It reminded me how wonderful the last killing was Max Payne felt, Watch the last bad guy fill up with your bullets in slow motion.. This is a similar feeling here, and it’s a great way to end all the big battles.

Immortal A more comical and over-the-top open world action game, especially compared to other Ubisoft titles. And the animation of death flying in the sky always reminds us that this game is big, ridiculous and strange. It also helps keep the game tones in the right direction, which is also great.

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