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Miami (AFP) – Inter Miami coach Phil Neville believes David Beckham’s son Romeo could build a professional football career after his debut in Florida.

Romeo Beckham played in his first professional match on Sunday after competing in Inter Miami’s sister team Fort Lauderdale CF.

The 19-year-old impressed Inter Miami boss Neville, despite having drawn 2-2 with South Georgia and the South Sanda FC, playing for 79 minutes and touching only 19 times in the match. ..

“I thought he really worked,” Neville said on Monday.

“I think his performance measure was that he was only planning to play for 45 minutes. He’s a hungry boy, so he played for nearly 80 minutes.

“He has a lot of pressure and expectation on his shoulders, but what he gets is that he has his feet firmly on the ground.

“He knows he has a lot to do, and he has all the right attributes, personality, determination and good people to have a really good opportunity to accomplish it in professional football. “

Romeo joined the Fort Lauderdale CF roster earlier this month and was a modest move made without an official announcement.

He had previously trained with the team and sometimes at Inter Miami.

Neville said former Manchester United and England teammate David Beckham had instructed his son to take a tough line.

“The first thing David told me was,’You have to be more strict with him than anyone else,'” Neville said.

“He has questions and expectations on his shoulders, so he has to work harder than anyone else to join the team.”

Neville’s son Harvey also played for Fort Lauderdale this season and played 15 times.

“When he’s in this football club, he knows he’s no different than any other player. It’s the same as Romeo,” Neville said.

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Neville was impressed by Beckham’s son debut Neville was impressed by Beckham’s son debut

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