New Animal Crossing rules ban Joe Biden Island

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsIts popularity has led people to use lifestyle simulators in all sorts of innovative ways, including becoming a marketing tool for companies and organizations. So, on Wednesday night, along with a big winter update for the game, Nintendo released some new guidelines for organizations that ride on the success of the game.

There are things you can expect. For example, you cannot create something that can be considered offensive or vulgar. According to Nintendo, these rules are aimed at “maintaining the experience of millions of people who enjoy the game for recreation.”

And here is:

Also, refrain from bringing politics into the game.

Curiously, the new content guidelines do not allow Animal Crossing to be used as a marketing platform to direct out-of-game activities and campaigns (direct to sales pages, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaway distribution, consumers). Request for social follow-up to). Network service accounts, customer information gathering, or other invitation activities). “

Polygon asked Nintendo for an explanation, but based on the easiest reading of these rules, encouraged people to go out and vote, as Joe Biden’s campaign did earlier this year. There is no longer anything like using Animal Crossing in political campaigns to be allowed. According to Nintendo, groups that violate these rules may be required to stop distributing content unless “future business use of the game” is completely banned. Given that Joe Biden has already won the election, some of these results may be controversial.

Still, Polygon contacted Joe Biden’s team to see if Nintendo was in touch about the new rules. For now, the Biden Island Dream Address is still active — I was able to visit it as of Wednesday night.

Of course, Joe Biden wasn’t the only one to use Animal Crossing as a marketing tool or as a political tool. Previously, the game was accepted by Chinese players to protest in-game and was used as a virtual meeting place for Black Lives Matter rallies by politicians such as U.S. Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I used to make a “house call”. The new rules may disallow some of these, at least if they represent a company, organization, or group.

Well, unless there is a Nintendo blessing. The rules also state that “business use of the game beyond the rules set forth in this document shall only be permitted with the individual express written permission of Nintendo.”

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