New Black Desert Online Sage Class Arrives March 17th

Pearl Abyss Yesterday revealed the details and start date of the long-awaited sage class during a special period Black Desert Online Live stream on Twitch and its first YouTube premiere. Features the Sage Developer Commentary. As the first caster-type class since the release of Wizards and Witches, he made his PC debut on March 17th and will be available on Xbox and PS4 on March 31st.

As a master of space and time, Sage commands both to unleash tremendous destructive power. Using a cube-shaped kaibe as its primary weapon, it opens a rift in space and summons Atoll’s fist and a series of powerful attack magic to crush enemies. His control over space and time also reduces the cooldown of certain skills and gives him the ability to travel short distances, regardless of obstacles in his path.

His unique abilities allow adventurers to experiment with his skill combinations and find unique ways to gain an edge in a variety of combat situations. Finally, the class-specific traits of Sage give you access to ancient Histria and Akman Temples without the required entry items.

“In this class, we specifically aimed to portray the archetypes of the ancients and the attention of North American and European adventurers.Jaehee Kim, Executive Producer of “, said: Black desert Pearl Abyss franchise. “For the first time in Black Desert history, Sage will be playable in North America and Europe before any other region, and his successor will be available at launch. We hope you enjoy this unique class. is.”

After the service transfer Black Desert Online Daily active users increased by 225% New players increased by 2335%. Black Desert Online Currently ranked number one in Steam’s MMORPG genre Since its launch, it has the highest overall number of players.

If you haven’t completed the transfer of game data yet, this process will only be available until May 31st. Adventurers will not be able to access accounts that have not been transferred by this date. Unprecedented rewards and 1,000% hottime events are also available during this period, so capricious adventurers can complete the transfer of game data here and prepare for the launch of this special class!

For more information on Sage and all the latest updates, please visit the official website.

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Black Desert Online New Sage Class arrives March 17

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