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Everyone wants a car they can trust. CarMD Following the world of automotive diagnostics, we have compiled an annual report on vehicle health. In this example, the investigation is not just about the main issues, but about the issues that can trigger the check engine lights.The best scenario is that there is no problem in the first place, so the investigation Mitsubishi To be the best brand Absent Trigger a terrifying light.

Recently, Mitsubishi offers only a small number of vehicles in the United States, but the study is based on the lowest percentage of repair accidents per percentage of the vehicle population. The survey surveyed a total of 19.5 million vehicles, and as an overall brand, triggered Mitsubishi vehicles had the fewest CE light-related repairs.Second place after Mitsubishi Mercedes-Benz, followed by Volkswagen For the top three.

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The survey goes beyond brand valuation.2018 while Mitsubishi has won the overall championship of car makers Toyota Tacoma You have won the specific vehicle that sets the CE light the least often. Second place went in 2015 Honda CR-V, With another Toyota – 2018 Camry – Third landing.In addition, this study highlights Kia The lowest average repair cost for CE light related repairs is $ 322.It was only $ 11 cheaper Chrysler For $ 333, and Mazda For $ 339.

Once upon a time, reliability was summarized as a mechanical failure, but advanced technology has changed everything. Computer operation with sensors that monitor and control mechanical systems certainly improves reliability and performance. However, these complex systems can cause all sorts of problems, and the check engine light first shows that something is wrong. Sometimes the light is simply triggered by a single false sensor read, but usually the light indicates something is wrong with various aspects of engine operation.

Simply ignoring it can lead to bigger problems. In particular, power loss and increased fuel consumption. In short, ignoring light is not a good idea, but if you are driving Mitsubishi you probably won’t see it much. You can see the complete report showing the various data at the source links below.

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New CarMD report reveals brands most unlikely to set check engine lights New CarMD report reveals brands most unlikely to set check engine lights

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