New Class Guardian Update and Prestige Edition Release

Omua’s dark blood flows cold through the snow-capped mountains, dripping with melted snow across the land where the dragon’s teeth lie. Suffering from the dragon’s curse, she sought rest in the form of revenge – to return the torch. From her anguish, a new class is coming down.

Guardian has arrived Black desert On Xbox One. She is a fearless warrior – a guardian equipped with a shield and ax, mercilessly smashing enemies with intense melee attacks. With her power, the Guardian embarks on a mission to regain Inix – a holy flame that can even shoot the gods.

In order to regain the life of Omua, who was killed by the gods, he signed an agreement with the Black Spirit, who has the power to regain the torch.

A defensive iron wall, she trains in the fight against debilitating attacks.

  • Boulder Crash – Attack the enemy with a downward swing that breaks the three rocks of her battle ax.
  • Mountain slum – Hit her battle ax against the ground below, sending a powerful wave of damage.
  • Black Blood Circle- Use the power of the earth to make a circle around her. Once inside, everyone who challenges her has a certain destiny.
  • Disconnect – Destroy your enemies with a sweep charged with her battle ax.
  • Black Blood Slaughter – Unleash her power with an ax swing strong enough to break the mountain.

To claim such power, she signed an agreement with the Black Spirit, offering herself as a ship in return for her magnificent power. The only way to get Ynix back is with a holy flame that even the gods can kneel down. With Ynix she wouldn’t be able to stop – blaming all the gods in this world and she would start a new world.

The owner of the torch, the bloody guardian of an ancient dragon, opened his eyes to her purpose.

Adventurers can now use the power of Ynix to use the power of the Guardian. Black desert On Xbox One.

In addition, adventurers will be able to meet the Black Desert Prestige Edition on November 6th at some retail stores for Xbox One.First physical package Black desert On the console, the Prestige Edition comes with over $ 140 in bonus content, including an exclusive pet black leopard, a limited edition glorious Sudad Premium Set, and a 30-day Value Pack.This is a great opportunity to enter the world of Black desert It’s also fully compatible with the Xbox Series X.

See you in the desert, adventurer.

New Class Guardian Update & The Prestige Edition Release

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