New community-created gear, skins, and maps available in Skater XL

Easy Day Studios has announced that the first round of community-created gear, skins and maps for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will be available on Skator XL on December 16th. Fans can decorate their characters with over 250 new gear created by the passionate SkaterXL community, including customized decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, shoes, skins, beards and tattoos.

Update: (12-16) Updates are currently available.

It also includes three new community maps highlighted last month: Riverfern, Quebec Skate Plaza and Applewood Park. This is just the beginning, as the team plans to remove community content updates on a regular basis.

Skater XL can be purchased on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC for $ 39.99. If you missed a review of Skater XL, be sure to read it here.

Unlike other skateboarding games, Skater XL uses left and right analog sticks to mimic the character’s feet. So if you’re skating regularly and want to kick flip, you’ll need to flick the left analog at 11 o’clock and push down on the right analog. The left and right triggers control the movement of the skater, and R1 controls the air grab. Familiarity with controls, trick lists, and understanding how to do things from different stances (fakie, nory, regular, goofy) can be difficult. But again, going through the learning curve will be more rewarding than landing the tailslide behind the kickflip on the railing. The game’s physics engine brings a new sensation to skateboarding video games. Skaters feel heavier and may find it difficult to do tricks like front side flips and 360 on flat terrain.

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