New concept art revealed for the next Mass Effect game

New concept art for the next Mass Effect has been released

A game with a new art book. is a still image of the recently released art book “Bioware: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development”, posted by Tumblr user Felassan.

Take a look at the three images in the next game to show off your new world and potential characters. Most notably, one of the artworks contains the same doorways as the official concept art presented earlier this month. This suggests that this ship will be featured in the next game.

The new book introduces images via Felassan as “The Next Mass Effect Appearance.” “The veteran team is working hard to anticipate the next big Mass Effect game,” the prophecy reads. “Expect an amazing new world to explore with memorable characters backed by the series’ distinctive choices and results.”

It’s difficult to identify a particular character at this point because the photos are so muddy, but they seem to be investigating some sort of crashed ship or entering an underground base. Huge wires hang from trees that look scientific in nature.

There is also an image of a horrifying, oppressive architecture hanging above the forest. There seems to be a city on another environment, or at least some structure, a bit like Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar. This is similar to Mass Effect Andromeda’s remnant structure and suggests that the next game may return to a new galaxy from BioWare’s last outing in space.

The final image shows a structure similar to the mass relay in the series, decorated with “MR 7”. It looks like you’re looking at the construction of a new relay that can travel far in the galaxy of the series.Bioware’s next Mass Effect game was teased at N7 Day Celebrations in November and is being developed by a “experienced team”. Finally, we got information about Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. It’s a remastered package of all three of the original Mass Effect games, coming out in 2021.

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