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New COVID-19 variant: Government warns about South African stocks.10 points you should know

On November 25, the United Ministry of Health issued a warning against a B.1.1.529 mutant of coronavirus detected in South Africa. The ministry has instructed the State and Union Territory (UT) to ensure “strict screening and testing” for all international travelers landing in India from “endangered” countries.

Confirmed cases of new variants have been reported from South Africa, Hong Kong and Botswana.

In letters to all states and UT, Federal Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan wrote: Opening up overseas travel. “

Here are 10 important points to know about the B.1.1.529 variant of Covid-19:

1. South African scientists have identified nearly 100 cases of B.1.1.529, but variants have also been identified in Botswana and Hong Kong. The incident identified in Hong Kong is a traveler from South Africa. The mutant was first discovered in Botswana and so far only 10 have been confirmed by genomic sequencing.

2. “Although data is limited, our experts work overtime with all established surveillance systems and understand the new variants and their potential impacts,” said the South African National. The Institute for Infectious Diseases said in a statement.

3. South Africa was the first country to detect beta last year. Beta is only one of the four labeled “concerns” by WHO because it is relatively contagious and the COVID-19 vaccine is less effective.

4. South Africa’s Health Minister Joe Phaahla said it was premature to say whether the government would impose stricter restrictions on newly discovered variants.

5. Tulio de Oliviera, Director of the Chemicals Evaluation and Research Institute (CERI), has also appealed to billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shion and Warren Buffett, as well as global agencies such as the World Bank and the IMF. I did. Financially support Africa and South Africa in the fight against COVID-19 variants.

6. The Australian Government has stated that it is investigating newly identified variants that are widespread in South Africa. The government has also warned that if the risks of new tensions increase, it could close borders with travelers from African countries.

7. British Health Minister Sajid Javid tweeted. “COVID-19 Update: UKHSA is investigating new variants. More data is needed, but we are currently taking precautions. Starting tomorrow noon, six African countries will be added to the Red List. , Flights are temporarily banned and British travelers need to be quarantined. “

8. Imperial College London epidemiologist Neil Ferguson said that B.1.1529 has an “unprecedented” number of mutations in pesplomers, driving a recent rapid increase in the number of cases in South Africa. Said that.

9. The UK Health and Security Agency has also expressed concern about the newly identified variants that are prevalent in South Africa and may reduce the effectiveness of vaccination. Authorities said the variant had a different peplomer than that of the original coronavirus on which the vaccine was based.

10. WHO has designated four variants of the new coronavirus as “subspecies of concern”. Alpha or British variants (B.1.17), beta or South African variants (B.1.351), gamma or Brazilian variants (P. 1) and delta or Indian variants (B.1.617.2).

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New COVID-19 variant: Government warns about South African stocks.10 points you should know New COVID-19 variant: Government warns about South African stocks.10 points you should know

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