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Charlie Caruso, The New Day and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth paid tribute to Brodie Lee (John Hoover, fka Luke Harper) in a new edition of RAW Talk on the WWE Network on Monday.

Lee died on Saturday at the age of 41 due to a non-COVID-19 lung problem. The RAW Talk segment started in Woods, mentioning Luke Harper and Brodie Lee’s friends, remembering him as a great person, and how important he was to everyone at WWE.

“If I hadn’t had the joy of seeing him, he was a great person who did a lot for the industry,” Woods said of Lee. “The life he touched and the way he made people feel … whether you were a wrestler, whether you worked for a crew, whether you were catering, whether you were a fan ..

“He is not only very important to me, but also very important to everyone in this company. We really miss him very much. So we love you , And we wish we could meet you. “

Then there was an emotional hug between Truth, Kingston, and Woods. Kingston went on to reveal how he and Lee formed a bond with the children during WrestleMania Weekend.

“You saw all the posts online on social media. He was a great father. That was one of his most admirable features,” Coffey said. “There was a lot of talk about the kids because they were cut from the same cloth. There were two wild boys. Uh? So all the Wrestlemania they always get together, they themselves Called New Day Kids, you know, and they just … it was just a great feeling to share that bond with him.

“As you said, we saw all the posts on social media and the life he touched outside the ring in business, in the ring, but more importantly in all family’s. Just look at the number of. As Woods said, he will be regretted from the bottom of his heart, his existence will be regretted, and yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy. “

Woods then called on everyone to wait a moment and remember Lee.

“We just want to make sure everyone takes a second,” Woods said. “As you know, take a moment and remember him for the man he was with and the legacy he left behind. Keep him in your mind.”

As already mentioned, this week’s USA Network RAW began with Lee’s “memorable” graphics. WWE Champions Drew McIntyre, Xavier Woods, Alexa Bliss and Tom Phillips gave other Brody compliments during RAW. Despite those compliments, Impact Wrestling star Brian Myers (Court Hawkins) went to Twitter after the show and called WWE for not paying attention to Lee’s death. Please click here To see Myers’ comments, and Please click here To see various RAW tributes to Lee.

Stay tuned for more details.Below is a video of Brody being discussed in RAW Talk

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New Day pays homage to Brodie Lee in low talk New Day pays homage to Brodie Lee in low talk

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