New Fortnite Catwoman skins are now available

Catwoman is back at the Fortnite Item Shop, but this time it’s a brand new Catwoman skin you’ve never seen in the game. However, this Catwoman skin isn’t new to everyone because it’s based on the antihero Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point look.

Catwoman arrives with today’s release of the third issue of a six-part series that tells Batman that he has arrived at Chapter 2 Fortnite Map. It’s where he meets and sometimes fights characters from both the Fortnite world and other licensed property. In the third issue, Batman will feature GI Joe’s Snake Eyes, a recent Fortnite cosmetic for Season 5.

The Catwoman Zero Bundle includes Catwoman Zero Skin and her grappling claw pickers in 1,500 V-Bucks. Alternatively, the player can only get the skin for 1,200 V-Bucks, but the Pickaxe alone costs 800 V-Bucks... North American players who buy comics from their favorite comic book retailers or access the digital version through a DC Comics Infinite subscription will also receive a Catwoman grappling claw pickax code.

Since this is the third issue, loyal readers are in the process of winning all six DC Comics bonus items. Once all six are redeemed for one account, players will have free access to their seventh bonus item, the undisclosed Armored Batman Skin, later this summer.

According to Epic, the first issue allowed early access to Rebirth Harley Quinn, which will be available in June. I’ve also seen Batman Zero skins in the game with the second issue, and it’s rumored that Deathstroke, which is deeply involved in the story of the comic, is also the future Fortnite skin. The next comic crossover skin will arrive in two weeks with issue 4, but players looking for more DC heroes can also check out the new Beast Boy skin.

There were no major game patches this week, but Epic has released a new LTM called Impossible Escape. This seems to be taken with a higher level of seriousness within Epic, giving out cosmetics to the winners. You probably didn’t spell out the game mode. After all, it’s very limited.

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