New Halo Infinite XP System: How to Level Up Faster Than Ever

The latest changes to the 343 Halo Infinite Battle Pass XP system are user-friendly, faster to climb, and show that developers are listening and adapting to fan feedback. Following the previous change that the daily XP gain comes at a pace of 50 XP per game, the new changes have significantly increased those gains. With that in mind, here are the latest and greatest ways to level up your Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

The new Halo XP Gain is frontloaded for players who log on for the first time every day and is intended to encourage them to return to play every day. As Halo Community Manager John Junyszek explained, the team’s latest fixes earned a lot of XP in the first six games of the day and are categorized as follows:

  • First game = 300 XP
  • Second game = 200 XP
  • Third game = 200 XP
  • 4th game = 100 XP
  • 5th game = 100 XP
  • 6th game = 100 XP

You will receive 50 XP for every game you play after the first half a dozen in a day. This is before this update Any Daily games were played. As you can see, the gain has improved significantly, even though 343 states that further changes to the progress system are underway. The team said this was a quick creation.

How to level up faster with Halo

These gains are much more appealing than we’ve seen before, but can be further enhanced with XP Boost. You may already have an XP boost in your inventory ([チャレンジ]Of the menu[ブースト]You can see it in the section). Each boost grants an hour of double XP that applies to all challenges completed while active. If you don’t have an XP boost at this time, you can unlock it by earning a higher tier in the Battle Pass or by purchasing it as a consumable item in the game’s Real Money Store. Challenge swaps are often bundled.

With Halo’s improved challenge system, XP plunges occur in the first six games each day.

Even if you don’t have XP boost and haven’t completed other challenges, you can still earn 1,000 XP by playing the first 6 games per day on this new system. This is enough to level up once with the Battle Pass. Not surprisingly, this means applying enough boosts to the first six games of the day-it takes about two hours to complete everything, so two boosts are needed-playing with As long as you’re guaranteed to level up twice a day with Halo Infinite, at least 6 games.

It does not specify PvP requirements and does not take into account other challenges that may be completed daily in that span, such as those that can be completed more easily for bots. You’ll notice that all this will probably level up even faster than this.

We hope that the Halo Infinite Battle Pass system will be further improved in the future, but in the meantime, this is a great fix. See you at least 6 games at the Sparta Arena.

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