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Cold weather may come, but fortunately, Animal Crossing: Nintendo Switch’s new horizon brings warm holiday cheers. Alongside the Auburn-colored maple leaves that are beginning to flow down the trees, the islands in the Northern Hemisphere are visited with a quiet snow blanket.

19thth In November, you will receive a free update for Animal Crossing New Horizons. This update introduces holiday events and enhancements that allow players to connect with friends and family and enjoy life on the island with Animal Crossing: New Horizons [TBA] The trailer shows what the winter update offers.

Special events such as Turkey Day on the 26th **th November and 24th Toy Dayth December is added with a new update, providing a holiday experience that you can enjoy with others. The Winter Update *** adds new reactions and new hairstyles to Animal Crossing: New Horizon, as well as in-game home item storage expansion upgrade options and saved data transfer capabilities.

You can enjoy all of the following features regardless of the in-game hemisphere starting at November:

  • Turkey Day – Turkey Day on the 26th of this yearth In November, top chef Franklin will arrive and host a rally at the Plaza. Players can help Franklin collect ingredients for the dishes on display in the square. The player helping Franklin cooks will receive a gift from him. Note: Resident Service Building must be built in advance for this event.
  • Toy Day – It’s time for the islanders to rejoice … The Moon for Toy Day is approaching. Players may find that the islands and plazas are gradually becoming festive with holiday-themed decorations in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the decorated trees. Shaking these can cause ornaments to fall off, allowing players to create holiday furniture recipes. From 1st December to 25thth In December, you’ll be able to buy toys from Nook’s Cranny and find holiday-themed clothing at the Able Sisters shop.Officially on the 24th toy dayth In December, Gingle will make a special visit to each island to spread the cheers of the holidays. By helping him deliver the gift, the player will also receive the gift. Note: Certain aspects of this event require the construction of a resident service building in advance.
  • New Reactions and Hairstyles – Get 9 new reactions and 6 new hairstyle options with Nook Miles at the Nook Stop Terminal in Resident Services.
  • Home Storage Limit Upgrades – Players who have previously expanded their home to maximum size and repaid their debts can apply for further home storage expansion by talking to resident service Tom Nook. This expands your home storage to 2400 slots.
  • Visit a Random Island in a Dream – Everyone who enjoys a doze in a dream or visits another island can now choose to visit a random island in a dream. Customization opens up a new perspective of inspiration.
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Collaboration – Animal Crossing: To commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Pocket Camp, Pocket Camp smartphone models will be available at Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Resident and Island Data Transfer **** – Two new features have emerged that extend the flexibility of resident and island data. The single player transfer feature allows players to transfer resident data to another system. This includes the resident’s name, appearance, equipment, inventory, home, and storage location. The individual island-wide transfer feature allows players to move user-stored data to another system with the island itself and all residents. This service is facilitated by Nintendo eShop’s free Island Transfer Tool app. Additional details on the benefits and limitations of these new data transfer services can be found at
  • … Other: New seasonal items will be available from 1st Nook stop in December. Between 26th And 31st In December, there are also some festive items to celebrate New Year’s Eve. In addition to the content of the update, players are looking forward to the countdown event on December 31st.stStarts at 7pm local time and celebrates the New Year with in-game residents, friends and family.

The next update will arrive in late January. We will share more information in the coming months.

Source: Nintendo UK

Thanks to Budstud for the hint!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons winter update coming Thursday, 19th November

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