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Nintendo Switch’s blockbuster Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a hub for brands and businesses to attract new customers, launch campaigns, and even protest.

However, Nintendo saw the game being used very prominently and issued formal guidelines for businesses and organizations. This especially includes the line “Don’t incorporate politics into the game”.

These guidelines, especially the announcement of their political policies, are just a few of the US elections hosting the island, where the Biden campaign uses Animal Crossing to release virtual garden signs, including information about the campaign and details on how to vote. It will take place in a few weeks.

“I am deeply grateful that many people around the world are enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Game) on Nintendo Switch. Thank you for helping us build such a wonderful community,” said Nintendo. The guidelines will begin.

“Our services and products are generally intended for personal use only, but we understand that companies and organizations may want to use or reference games in connection with their business. Therefore, some We would like to share our guidelines. These companies, organizations, and everyone who represents them, maintain the experience of millions of people who enjoy the game in recreation.

“If your activity does not follow these guidelines, or if you believe it is damaging or adversely affecting the community, stop using such activity or content and use the game for future business use. We may ask you to take appropriate measures, such as prohibiting it. “

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The guidelines provide custom designs and island dream addresses, invite other players, and approve uploading photos and videos to “family-friendly websites and social networks.”

However, the guidelines also state that companies and organizations should stick to family-friendly content and activities in the game, avoid discriminatory or offensive content, and avoid using it to make money. ..

And there is also a line about politics. What does Nintendo consider political? Are social causes also eligible? And can this actually be done? Are these guidelines just a tool to get rid of obviously offensive problems?

It is also worth remembering that these guidelines are only relevant to the company or organization, not to personal use. Earlier this year, New Horizons was banned in China after becoming a refuge for Hong Kong protesters. Players used it to host pro-Hong Kong signboards and share anti-Chinese protest clothing designs. You might think that Nintendo’s guidelines don’t cover these players acting individually, but you need to know if and when Nintendo will enforce the rule in the future.


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