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New infosec product of the week: November 26, 2021

Take a look at last week’s most interesting products featuring releases from Avast, Boxcryptor, Code42, Hiya and Siren.

Boxcryptor protects Microsoft Teams business data with end-to-end encryption

Boxcryptor Microsoft Teams can be used in two ways: personal apps and team channels. You may access the encrypted data in your Personal OneDrive through your personal app. For teams, Boxcryptor is available as a channel app.

infosec product November 2021

Hiya Adaptive AI: Hunt and stop illegal callers in real time

Adaptive AI It monitors the patterns that spammers leave behind in network traffic and adapts in real time to block them without the need for human retraining or historical data.

infosec product November 2021

Code 42 extract detector alerts when Salesforce data is moved to an untrusted device

NS Penetration detector Use Code 42’s trust feature to alert security teams and employees when Salesforce data is moved to malicious, neglected, or careless insiders on personal laptops or mobile devices that aren’t managed. It doesn’t hinder employee productivity or collaborate.

infosec product November 2021

Siren 12 provides investigators with global search and visual graphing capabilities

Of the siren Latest release Intuitive UI-driven schema editing and ETL make it easy for users to organize and combine data in a way that suits their requirements. This allows organizations to legally analyze device data and link it to other available data sources.

infosec product November 2021

Avast Online Security & Privacy Optimizes Privacy Settings for Popular Websites and Services Across

AOSP It provides effective anti-tracking, ad opt-out, and cloud-based phishing protection to improve detection speed. In addition, AOSP is online via Global Privacy Control (GPC), an integrated service that automatically communicates user privacy settings in one step to websites accessed by users participating in the GPC initiative. We encourage users to regain control of the data they share with. ..

infosec product November 2021

New infosec product of the week: November 26, 2021 New infosec product of the week: November 26, 2021

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