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Thursday, July 1, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Behavior related to Eating disorders New research shows that it can bring real changes to the brain. Findings can help explain why these serious disorders are often chronic-and may also point the way to new treatments.

Eating disorders – such as Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia Bulimia nervosa — can cause serious complications, including death. Related behaviors include bulimia nervosa, purging, and restricted food intake.

Janani Prabhakar, Translational Research Division, National Institute, said: mental health, Part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The study “will deepen our knowledge and provide researchers and clinicians with better information on how, when and who to intervene,” said Pravakar, who was not part of the research team. Stated.

Researchers led by Dr. Guido Frank at the University of California, San Diego have found that eating disorder behaviors can alter the brain’s reward response processes and food intake control circuits to enhance these behaviors.

The NIH-sponsored study included about 200 women with different body mass indexes (BMIs) associated with different eating disorders and different eating disorder behaviors. Another 120 women without eating disorders also participated.

Researchers used a cross-sectional functional brain imaging scan to evaluate a woman’s brain reward response during a taste reward task.

“This study provides a model of how behavioral traits promote dietary problems and changes. BMI, And eating disorder behavior, anxiety, Mood, and neurobiology interact to strengthen the virtuous circle of eating disorders and make recovery very difficult, “Frank said in a NIH news release.

Further research is needed to investigate treatments that may target and alter reward behaviors in people with eating disorders. According to the NIH, it may help them achieve a long-term recovery.

Survey results published online on June 30 JAMA Psychiatry..

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Source: National Institutes of Health, News Release, June 30, 2021

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