New Kingdom Hearts game may be revealed in 2022

For those who have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S | X and are looking forward to the next main entry Kingdom hearts A franchise you may have been waiting for.Waiting for it may not be as long as 14 years Kingdom Hearts III..

To celebrate the launch of Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody, Series director Tetsuya Nomura interviewed Dengeki Online.

In an interview, the series director reveals some revelations about where the series could go, including the future of the recently launched console franchise.

“if We Kingdom hearts It’s a game for next-generation consoles, and will be released after many other companies have already released the title, “says Nomura. “So we believe we have to make something that can compete.”

He adds that the game is only fictitious, as Square Enix hasn’t announced a new Kingdom Hearts title for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. If the game actually existed, it would be a late generation game like this: Kingdom Hearts III It was for PS4 and Xbox One.

That doesn’t mean that one isn’t planned, as the series director says the game is currently “provisional.” The hope is to bring some good news to the fans in time for the second anniversary of the 2022 series.

Until then, Kingdom Hearts fans will have to overcome themselves with recent releases, Kingdom Hearts: Memory Melody..


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