New Knockout City Game Mode released on June 8th, patch 1.2 coming soon

Knockout City will be getting patch 1.2 this week, which brings new game modes to Coin Hoders on June 8th, in addition to playlist updates for Season 1 and Week 3. So, Velan Studios gives a brief overview of the next week in Knockout City, including a brief description of patch 1.2, and a full patch note will be published later.

The blog post describes three highlights of upcoming patches, including reducing the chances of players participating in high ping matches. It also addresses a bug that plays the match audio before loading when joining an ongoing match. Another highlight is that closing the game no longer resets the mouse and keyboard settings.

A new game mode, Coin Hoarders, is a 3v3 purpose-based mode in which teams collect and hold eight coins placed around the map. Each player can hold up to 3 coins and will be dropped when the player is knocked out. A team wins a round by holding all eight coins at once and wins a match in two rounds. Coin Hoders will be added on June 8th at the beginning of the third week of Season 1.

The new week will also add new contracts and items to buy for players to complete. This update will be released shortly after the arcade-style Dodgeball game arrives during a block party, which is a 10-day free trial. While the full game trial is over, the new player will be.

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