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Lynn has been a flagship starter throughout his career, leading the league by throwing 84.0 innings in the shortened 2020 season, scoring 3.32ERA and 136ERA +. Now 33, he’s matured like a fine wine, winning 16 Rangers games and scoring the best 246 strikeouts of his career in 2019. Lynn slips into the starting rotation, which already features Lucas Giolito, Dallas Keuchel and Dylan Cease.

Dunning isn’t a small amount to pay for Lynn’s service, but the depth of the White Sox system allows for aggressive movement. Electric Michael Kopech is expected to return after an injury and an opt-out of the 2020 campaign. Will the first round of 2020 Pick Garrett Crochet be a factor in SouthSider? The organization is full of marketing. In Lance Lynn, it added another bullet to the room.

It is argued that the White Sox was in the same good position as other clubs to make a splash in the trade market this offseason, especially due to the strength of its system. What makes Chicago particularly dangerous is its clear willingness to make that claim in the free agent market as well.

The White Sox re-attacked on Tuesday with a one-year $ 7 million deal (and 2022 club option) with outfielder Adam Eaton, aiming to add talent to the already strong lineup. The initial social media response to the deal (which was considered large for players who achieved a low career of .669 OPS in 2020) was largely against the White Sox.

Outfielders of marquee free agents such as George Springer, Marcell Ozuna and Michael Brantley have not yet been signed or are still available to recent non-bidders such as Eddie Rosario and Kyle Schwarber. As such, there was much criticism of the decision to rush to reunite in Chicago. Eaton, who Socks dumped in Giolito, traded four years ago.

The club’s familiarity with Eaton may have been a quick catalyst for the signing of Chicago, but it’s not until the downseason in the midst of a pandemic declares Eaton’s successful career to end. It’s too early. Prior to 2020, Eaton was an annual productive batter for the Nationals, posting OPS at or around .800 each season with the team. Injuries have limited his endurance for many years, but Eaton played 151 games in 2019, serving as a solid contributor to the World Champion Nationals.

This is another element of Tuesday’s move and deserves consideration. After seven consecutive seasons of defeat and reconstruction phases, the White Sox was deliberately the last off-season to bring in quality veterans to complement its developing core.

Eloy Jimenez, Lucas Giolito and Luis Robert are the up-and-coming faces of the franchise, while Dallas Keuchel and Yasmani Grandal were important additions that helped shape the clubhouse that won last season’s Chicago. .. The Twitter public may consider Eaton to be the presence of abrasives that can disrupt the chemistry of clubhouses, but they are sometimes referred to as adding rusty nails to their recipes.

Ultimately, Eaton’s impact on the clubhouse is only known to those in the room. But on the surface, he certainly feels like a typical Tony La Russa player. If things go wrong, the White Sox’s commitment to Eaton guarantees a one-year acquisition in 2022.

Remember when a “bad deal” could interfere with your organization for years? Even if the signature turns out to be believed by the social media community, it’s not here.

Therefore, the White Sox deserves some credit. In another winter, when hot stoves are expected to be free of pilots, Chicago showed its willingness to set up its own course for the off-season, meeting 14-hour rotation and outfield needs in early December. It was. In today’s MLB, teams are often happy with their conservative approach to the off-season. They wait for the market to settle and appear to be petrified to make the first move.

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New market inefficiencies in the COVID era? — Baseball.FYI New market inefficiencies in the COVID era? — Baseball.FYI

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