New monoclonal antibody indicates potential for severe asthma

Credit: DOI: 10.1056 / NEJMoa2024257

The new monoclonal antibody therapy is promising in providing alternative therapies for patients suffering from moderate to severe asthma. Michael E, director of the National Jewish Health Cohen Family Asthma Institute. A study led by Wechsler, MD, and MMSc found itepekimab to be safe and effective in a phase II trial published online today. New England Journal of Medicine..

Asthma Chronic lung disease It is characterized by narrowing and inflammation of the airways and increased sensitivity of the airways to various stimuli.In the United States, about 10% of 30 million asthma patients suffer Severe asthmaThe condition is not well controlled using traditional treatments such as corticosteroids.

“Severe asthma is a major problem worldwide and we are constantly looking for new strategies for patients who do not respond to currently available treatments,” Dr. Wechsler said. “We are targeting new pathways that may disrupt the inflammatory cascade and improve care for asthmatics.”

Currently some Monoclonal antibodyDupilumab, mepolizumab, benralizumab, etc. have been approved to target cytokine proteins such as interleukin-4, interleukin-5, and interleukin-13, and these drugs are effective in treating severe type 2 asthma. Is known to be. However, new targeted therapies are needed.

Itepekimab is a new monoclonal antibody designed to target interleukin 33. The international research team investigated the efficacy of itepekimab alone and in combination with dupilumab in a multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial at 70 centers. Study participants aged 18 to 70 years with moderate to severe asthma who received inhaled glucocorticoids and long-acting beta-acting drug (LABA).

Subjects were divided into four groups who received itepequimab, dupilumab, a combination of both, or placebo subcutaneously every two weeks for 12 weeks. Eventually, events indicating loss of asthma control occurred in 22% of patients in the itepekimab group, 41% of patients in the placebo group, 27% of patients in the combination group, and 19% of patients in the dupilumab group. bottom. group. Itepekimab also significantly improved lung function.

“This study gives us insight into the pathophysiology of asthma and hopes for new treatment options for patients who are severely afflicted. asthma“Dr. Wechsler said. research Move forward so that the patient can breathe as much as possible.You need to find out which patients are most likely to respond to this novel Treatment.. ”

Biological therapies available for pediatric patients with asthma

For more information:
Michael E. Wechsler et al, Efficacy and Safety of Itepequimab in Patients with Moderate to Severe Asthma, New England Journal of Medicine (2021). DOI: 10.1056 / NEJMoa2024257

Quote: The new monoclonal antibody was obtained from on October 28, 2021 for severe asthma (October 28, 2021). ) Indicates the possibility

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