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Last year, it became difficult to tell the difference between an NBA game and a soccer game. This wasn’t due to an increase in kickball violations or flashy footwear, but to a myriad of players “flopping” on unfortunate habits. This happened not only during the Phoenix Suns match, but throughout the league.

For unfamiliar people, it’s cheaper to sell fouls to executives by waving in the air or deliberately hitting a defender, and as a result, it’s been popular for players to score points in the last decade. It became a certain method. The style of play is an eerie reflection of the style of professional football, where players are injured in all games, hoping to push yellow cards against their opponents or take their own penalty shots.

Superstar basketball player like Trae Young, James Harden, and Stephen Curry frequently used strategies at the NBA level to easily work on charity stripes every night.

We can’t blame these players for abusing this Achilles tendon in-game, but fans have been flooded with complaints about all the “flops” and how it disrupts the heart of basketball. It became more and more annoying for me.

This summer, the league heard these screams and enacted New rules, Asks authorities not to call these fouls for “non-basketball moves” during the 2021-22 season. This rule has had a big impact on the league so far.

The league’s score has been declining compared to the previous year for the first time in six years, making a big difference. Currently, the average total score of the league is 107.4 points per game, which is a significant decrease from 112.1 points per game last year.

The NBA team also tried an average of 20.0 free throws per game this year, compared to an average of 21.4 per game before the season. The league’s field goal rate has also dropped from 46.6% to 44.7%. This is because the new rules allow players to defend more aggressively for fear of pulling the whistle.

But while all the other teams continue to make major changes and adjustments under this new rule, Sands strangely remains untouched by it.

Unlike the league as a whole, Sands found that the average number of free throw attempts per game this season was higher than last time.Between them Western Conference victory campaign a year ago, Sands had an average of 18.7 trials from stripes per game, in contrast to 21.7 trials this year.

Sands is following the league’s trends in field goal rates, which is a real anomaly for the team as the number of free throws has increased, although the marks have decreased this year compared to last year.

If anything, this discovery reflects the toughness of Phoenix as a team. Unlike most other teams who need to coordinate and learn to draw real fouls rather than pretending, Sands already knows how to do so. Therefore, their numbers tend to be the opposite.

Earlier this week The league voted to keep this new rule intact, This certainly proves to benefit future Sands. While everyone else catches up, Sands continues to play the ball the way they know — which is exactly in line with this new direction in the league.

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New NBA rules affecting the Phoenix Suns New NBA rules affecting the Phoenix Suns

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