New nightclubs, radio station updates and other GTA Online coming soon

Rockstar Games has announced that GTA Online will soon have a new underground club called The Music Locker.

Players who frequently use Diamond Casino in GTA online You may have recently noticed some construction work there.

According to developer Rockstar Games, the landmark will soon be slightly refurbished as a new nightclub, The Music Locker, will open under the casino.

“You may have noticed that the diamonds are being scaffolded and built, or if you listen closely, you may hear a relentless kick drum muffled sound. Finally, Los Santos has never been. The largest club I’ve seen will be open to the public, “the developer wrote on the site.

The new gigsite opens with a special set of Moodymann, with other acts lined up to headline the virtual music space over the coming weeks and months.

“Late later in the season, Berlin group Keinemusik will take the clubber from the sound of an outdoor beach party to the darkest nights in Europe, while Palms Trax is an old-fashioned house, an exotic disco, and the UK this month I joined his Music Rocker Residency in the second half. “

Rockstar has announced that anyone watching the gig can access the venue to check out the set, but exclusive access to table service in the VIP section owns a penthouse at the Diamond Casino on the second floor. Only available to those who have.

“Share your table with the Los Santos elite and get ready to spill your drink on very expensive shoes,” the press release said. “If you want to step a little further from Los Santos and into a more tropical place, music lockers should be your first destination for your next city visit.”

As Fortnite continues to attract artists at live events, Rockstar is in a good position to start planning live gigs and featuring the artists themselves.

If you’re more interested in gaming radio than in a dedicated gig space, don’t worry. Rockstar has announced that the (unknown) well-known radio station will be updated shortly and more DJ content will arrive soon.

Developers promise more news “in the next few days”. The GTA Cayo Perico robber will arrive in-game in two weeks.

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A new nightclub, radio station updates and more coming GTA Online soon

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