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The New Orleans Pelican started Seasons 1-4, but there were some bright spots.

Brandon Ingram It looks like they are playing well and making better defensive efforts. This is what we wanted to see.

Jonas Valanciunas was great and scored 17 points and 15 rebounds on the Pelican in some tough matches in the first five games.

Whole pelican Starting lineup is a good place to start the seasonAlthough Nickeil Alexander-Walker was hot and cold in his shoot.

The problem was really the bench, as the pelicans haven’t gotten much so far, especially at the backup center. This will be a problem in the future.

Jonas Valančinas is playing a heavy game, but if Pelicans want to keep him healthy throughout the season, it’s not sustainable.

New Orleans Pelican: Where is Jackson Hayes?

When Zion Williamson Out, the main interior duty rests with Varane Tunas. Varane Tunas is stepping up and he seems to be a great third option when Zion returns.

However, he has played 34.8 minutes per game so far, which is the highest in his career. In fact, Varane Tunas has never exceeded an average of 28.3 minutes per game.

Jaxson Hayes played modestly and Willy Hernangomez never played, so Pelican has played more or less without a backup center.

Jaxson Hayes has been disappointed so farMany thought he would take the role of a backup center and play some power forwards for the New Orleans Pelican, especially in the absence of Zion.

But that hasn’t happened so far, as Haze clearly hasn’t gained the trust of Willie Green’s new head coach.

Instead, we got a ton of Jonas Valanciunas and he responded, but this isn’t sustainable for the entire season, especially for the big guys with a history of injuries.

NS Pelicans may need to be smaller I try to spell Varane Tunas more often, mainly with people like Herb Jones and Naji Marshall. Pelican cannot continue to get 11 minutes per game from the backup center because Varane Tunas has played too much and the season will not continue if this continues.

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New Orleans Pelican is trying to kill Jonas Valančinas New Orleans Pelican is trying to kill Jonas Valančinas

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