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The New Orleans Pelicans dropped another road game yesterday and lost to the Celtics in a game they probably won.

Pers rose 18 in the first half, but fell to 17 in the second half. This was a big swing in a pretty ugly afternoon game where neither team played with a lot of flow and consistency.

It was a game that Pelicans would have put away at home. Home court advantageBut they are just another team on the road.

They often stagnated on half-courts and settled on the type of isolation balls they normally avoid at home at Smoothie King Center.

With just 6-17 this season, the Pelican is behind the Trail Blazers by 2.5 games and is behind the Trail Blazers for 10 seeds and a final spot. Play-in tournament..

We have things January is toughThe schedule is cruel, but if the pelicans don’t start playing well on the streets, they’ll miss February and have the chance to chase the team in front of them.

New Orleans Pelican is another team on the road

Pelicans will play 6 of the following 9 games on the street. Zion Williamson I will finally return.

Fortunately, three of these games will play against Knicks, Pistons and Rockets, and Pelican will be able to beat all teams, while the other three will play against 76ers, Cavaliers and Nuggets and all. The team is competing for a playoff position.

Looking at the New Orleans Pelican house / road split, the split is actually a good result. It wasn’t very effective away from home.

Pells are worse on the road with points, rebounds, assists, field goal percentages, and 3 point percentages, with an average lower score of 6 points or more on the road.

This young New Orleans team seems to be supplying energy to the crowd and uses it to overwhelm the team with steals and quick breaks. This offsets when nothing happens on the half coat.

They need to find some of that energy on the road as they’ll be there a lot for the rest of the month and have to win some of them to keep pace with the teams around them.

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New Orleans Pelican needs to get better on the road New Orleans Pelican needs to get better on the road

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