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Metairie, Louisiana- New Orleans Saints Quarterback Taysom Hill Trying to get over the mallet finger injury he lost on Thursday night Dallas Cowboys Without undergoing surgery, sources told ESPN’s Adam Chefter.

According to sources, the saint’s doctor determined that Hill was suffering from a mallet finger, the name of a ruptured extensor tendon at his fingertips.But Hill’s injuries were less widespread. Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson I suffered earlier this year, but I needed surgery. Wilson suffered from both mallet finger and fracture dislocation at another joint of the same finger.

ESPN’s injury analyst and physiotherapist Stephania Bell said it was feasible to play without surgery, given that Hill is an isolated injury.

“My expectation is to see customizing sprints similar to what they made. [Thursday] Bell said it was a night when the basement was open so that he could feel and hold the ball. ” It is not ideal for quarterbacks to play with splints. But over time, he will probably get used to it and adapt to it. And as long as everyone agrees that he is functional and comfortable, there is really nothing against him continuing to play. “

Hill was injured when he hit the middle finger of a right-handed pitcher against another player in the first quarter of the 27-17 defeat on Thursday. He played the rest of the game with a splint on his finger and finished with four intercepts.

“It took me a while to get used to it,” Hill admitted after the match. “Whenever I put something else on my finger [it affects] Traction such as balls. But it was okay. “

Hill made the first start of the 2021 season with 19 out of 41 passes, 264 yards, 2 touchdowns and 4 intercepts. He also ran the ball 11 times at 101 yards, despite playing over the partially torn plantar fascia pain he suffered in the 10th week.

After the match, Saints coach Sean Payton said, “I thought he played with all his heart and guts. He didn’t help him in the first half.”

If he is considered healthy enough to play at almost full power, Hill has a good chance to stay on the starting roll of Saint (5-7) when Saint (5-7) plays again. .. New York Jets Despite the ugly results and the fourth quarter implosion, Hill’s running ability provided at least some juice elements to the attacks that have been flat since the start of the first QB. Jameis Winston The ACL was corrupted in the 8th week.

The saints have been 0-5 since Winston was injured.Veteran backup Trevor Siemian Helped lead the saint to victory Tampa Bay Buccaneers After exchanging Winston in the second quarter of that 8th week game. However, after that, he became 0-4 as a starter, and the attack receded week by week. This was mainly due to the overwhelmingly injured barrage.

Saints want a running back Alvin Kamara Aggressive tackle Terran Armstead When Ryan Ramchik Immediately he recovered from his knee injury.

Hill went 3-2 in his starting career after moving to 3-1 last year to replace Drew Brees’ injury. He completed 82 (71.9%) of the 114 passes in these games with 834 yards, 4 touchdowns and 2 intercepts. He also ran the ball 39 times with 209 yards and 4 TDs, but lost 3 fumbles.

The 31-year-old signed his own contract extension last week, worth a base value of $ 40 million over four years if he continued to play his usual role as a quarterback / RB / TE / WR, up to $ 95 million. May be worth it if he becomes the team’s first quarterback and reaches a high incentive.

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New Orleans Saints QB Taysom Hill Plays With Finger Injury New Orleans Saints QB Taysom Hill Plays With Finger Injury

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