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What is BIOHM Microbiome Multi?

The Microbiome Multi is a powerful combination of 26 essential Vitamins, Minerals, and nutrients supporting your essential functions, plus a super boost of 1 Billion BIOHM FX™ Probiotic Blend.

This product was made specifically to support gut microbiome health and optimal nutrient absorption. It’s simply a daily multi that supports your health through your gut.

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BIOHM Microbiome Multi FAQs

Question: Is this multivitamin for men and women?

Answer: Yes, our Microbiome Multi is formulated to support the nutritional needs of all genders. It is recommended for men and women ages 18 and over.

Question: I don’t like to swallow pills. Can I open the capsules and pour them into my food?

Answer: Yes. If you have difficulties swallowing capsules, you can open them and mix them with your favorite cold beverages, yogurt, and applesauce for example.

Question: Is Microbiome Multi made at a GMP Certified facility?

Answer: Yes. All BIOHM products are manufactured in the US in FDA-registered & GMP-Certified facilities.

Question: Will I need extra additional probiotics if I take this multi-vitamin with 1 billion probiotics?

Answer: There is no FDA daily recommended dose of probiotics because a higher CFU count does not always mean better results. Our science supports that a precise combination (as BIOHM® FX Blend) can help seed your gut and keep it healthy at around 1 billion CFU per day. However, we also know that every individual’s gut is different. Therefore, some people may enjoy an additional benefit by adding additional probiotics (BIOHM Total Probiotic) and possibly prebiotics (BIOHM Prebiotic).

We also suggest that you speak with your physician or nutritionist to determine what dosage of probiotics may be best for your gut, and your health.


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