New PS5 Console Redesign Claim Source to be released next year

It won’t get smaller soon (Photo: Sony)

The improved version of the PS5 is set to go into production as early as 2022, but it’s unlikely that the console will be any smaller.

PlayStation 5 is big. Not only popular but also physique. PlayStation 5 has been specially designed to be non-problematic, eager to avoid repeating the mistakes of PlayStation 4, which can always be frustrating for loud fans in some games.

However, even with rumors of a redesign next year, many may think that the PS5 Slim model is unlikely to be realized soon,

by DigiTimes suppliers are already ready to work on the PlayStation 5 redesign in the second or third quarter of next year. However, the changes are expected to be internal and not external.

Perhaps the most important change is AMD’s new “semi-customized” 6nm CPU, which is cheaper to manufacture than today’s 5nm CPUs.

Such revisions may not make any difference to customers (Sony is very unlikely to lower the price of consoles as a result of savings), but the company has launched.

This is an issue that has already been highlighted this week, revealing that Microsoft has never made a profit on Xbox hardware.

Respected analyst Dr. Selkan Toto emphasized the report, but described DigiTimes’ achievements as “uneven.”

Revisions of this nature will certainly occur at some point, but the more important question at this point is whether Sony will be able to manufacture consoles faster.

Given the relatively small changes proposed, it seems unlikely. Sony itself admits that inventory is unlikely to improve significantly, at least until this time next year.

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New PS5 console redesign due for release next year claim sources

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