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New Orleans Pelican Zion Williamson # 1 (Photo by David Birding / Getty Images)

New Orleans Pelican left the preseason with more questions than answers.

We were already discussing Whether the pelican has improved, Whether they are shooting enough and their defenses will be better under the new coach Willie Green.

However, inconsistent play and injuries from the preseason have brought some new questions during the offseason, which is already quite confusing.

Let’s start with the big one that hangs on everything.

How bad are Zion Williamson and Jackson Hayes injured?

“Zion will definitely be back in the regular season” to “Zion can’t run yet“It ’s pretty fast, right?

Pers was the first to handle this injury well from a public relations perspective Very secretive about Zion’s surgery And he recovered and is now crazy about when he will return.

David Griffin will soon announce the “scan” that Zion Williamson had. If the news isn’t good, I won’t be shocked.

There is no up-to-date information on Jackson Hayes’ injury, so I hope it will be covered in the same Q & A as the reporter.

I think the New Orleans Pelican needs to approach the season as if Zion Williamson had missed the time and prepared for that possibility. This will StamenAnd, more importantly, how pelicans produce semi-court crimes without a star.

There’s another offensive option that wasn’t seen in the preseason, but it needs to be revealed once the game is real.

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New questions from the preseason New questions from the preseason

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