New Silent Hill Game: Everything We Know (and Want to See)

It’s been a very long time since I saw something from the Silent Hill series, ten years after the release of Silent Hill: Vita’s Memories book-and almost an incredible eight-year fan since PT gave it. Wants a reboot Silent Hill led by Hideo Kojima. But now it’s possible to finally return to Konami’s legendary horror series, which may include multiple games. Here’s what we know (including rumors) about the future of the Silent Hill franchise and what we want to see when heading to the June Summer Game Fest and other Not-E3 events: That’s right.

Multiple games?

Despite being on the ice for a long time, the Silent Hill franchise seems to come back in several different games, not just one. Assuming the reports on these games are accurate, Konami does not try to create one game that can satisfy everything, but responds to multiple different types of players across these titles. There seems to be.

According to the Grubbsnax host Jeff GrabBacked by Twitter post User NateTheHate2 has a new mainline Silent Hill game under development, but there are few details at the moment. They also say that other “side stories” are under development, as well as a complete remake of Silent Hill 2. This is not a simple reproduction of the game, but instead provides changes to the puzzles and endings. According to these reports, a timed console dedicated to PlayStation.

Familiar face

The Blue Bar team is reportedly making a remake of Silent Hill 2. The studio has a well-established background in horror and psychological thriller games such as The Medium, Layers of Fear and Blair Witch. As part of that, studio CEO Piotr Babieno refused to comment on the reports during an interview with IGN, but at least it seems to entertain the idea that they are true. The Bloober team confirmed that they are working with Konami something Last year, but did not identify what it was beyond “existing and new IP”.

According to VGC, one of the projects in the work was a series of short game episodes, which was at some point discussed with developer Supermassive before the studio created The Dark Pictures anthology game instead. At this time, it’s not clear which studios are actively developing these games.

Little is known about the next mainline Silent Hill game. The series has changed considerably over the years, from the first few classic survival horror gameplays to more combat-focused homecoming.

And there seems to be a fourth game that is actually under development, but it’s unclear if it will actually be played. Grubb said he’s heard that this is probably a spin-off project for mobile devices, taking place in Taiwan. However, Grubb emphasized that mobile spin-offs can be canceled before development is complete. This has been seen in similar projects related to other major franchises like Titanfall, so it’s best not to get too excited about this game yet.

It has not been abandoned

One of the facts we know is that Abandoned, a vaporware horror game that may have been first published on the PlayStation Blog in 2021, is not Silent Hill.The vague teaser of the horror game was actually a revival of the franchise produced by Kojima, and rumors soon began that it was sometimes encouraged by the developers. Blue Box Game Studio Tweets.. However, this is not the situation for Moby Dick Game Studios and Joakim Mogren this time around. Kojima is not involved and Abandoned is not a Silent Hill game.

What you want to see from Silent Hill

So what do you want to see from the new Silent Hill game? What will happen to the series after such a long time? And we don’t take the easy way, we just say “revive PT”.

First, Konami would be wise to consider a complete break from the characters and stories of the previous game. Capcom did this almost completely in Resident Evil 7 before reintroducing past characters in Resident Evil Village, but there wasn’t a big gap between the games like Silent Hill. Kojima seems to have been set up to do this in Silent Hill, as the Norman Reedus character was new and the PT was surprisingly different in the revelation of Silent Hill as a game.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to forget the past altogether. The famous Silent Hill could still be a setting, and the pyramid head is a very iconic enemy, so it’s rude to omit the character.

A true survival horror game has made a big comeback in the last few years, abandoning the Fire Fight Happy Formula, which Biohazard has fallen into for some time in support of a tense exploration of the atmosphere.Of course, modern horror games still have combat, but the focus is on resource management and acquisition. To that Rather than face it directly, the danger makes it a more scary horror game. This approach makes a lot of sense, especially in series like Silent Hill, which focus primarily on the general public rather than special agents and police officers.

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