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New South Wales to see $ 400 million in road safety fund blitz

Hundreds of road safety projects are being rolled out across New South Wales as part of the $ 400 million blitzkrieg.

Michael McCormack, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, said the Australian and New South Wales governments will begin work immediately to get people home faster and safer and will be completed by June. He said he was working hard to do so.

“As someone who has lived, worked and raised a family in the New South Wales region with pride, I know how important safe and efficient road connections are to the community,” McCormack said. Says.

“Therefore, we’re deploying this money to seal the shoulders, rumble strips to warn drivers when they’re out of the lane, median upgrades to prevent head-on collisions, and barriers to prevent run-off road collisions. We offer life-saving upgrades to protect you from roadside hazards.

“This investment not only saves lives, but also hits the local economy when returning from the COVID-19 recession, and these projects are expected to support more than 2,500 direct and indirect jobs.”

Paul Toole, Minister of Regional Transport and Roads in New South Wales, said safety barriers, rumble strips and wide centers are among the measures being deployed under programs designed to save lives. Said.

“As part of this investment, 261 priority projects will be offered throughout New South Wales, 150 of which will be on local roads, built on the vision of a safer and more powerful local NSW,” Toole said. I am.

“These projects help prevent more than 538 lives from being lost and seriously injured on the road over the entire duration of the project. This helps 538 people safely home to their families at the end of the day. It ’s the difference between going home. ”

Andrew Constance, Minister of Transport and Roads, New South Wales, said he is also investing in local jobs, the economy and the community by investing in safer roads.

“New South Wales is booming and the urban environment is busy, especially around shopping centers, recreational facilities, sports facilities, hospitals, educational facilities and transportation interchanges,” said Constants.

“The two governments have a common goal of not being killed or seriously injured on our roads, as no one needs to hear the catastrophic news that a loved one has died in a crash.”

Scott Buchholtz, Deputy Minister of Road Safety and Freight Transport, said there was nothing more important than ensuring that drivers could safely return home to their loved ones on every road trip.

“Whether it’s a short trip to a store or a long-distance truck driver’s journey from a business hub to the market, we want to ensure that drivers get home safely,” Buchholtz said. Told.

“That’s why our government takes traffic safety seriously, invests in such important projects to prevent collisions, and provides safer, smoother travel and greater peace of mind for Australians in their daily lives. It makes a real difference. “

Australian Government funding for road safety programs is subject to “use or lose” provisions, providing life-saving treatment on local roads, protecting vulnerable road users throughout New South Wales, and at the same time local Supporting the work of the local economy.

The “use or lose” provision requires states and territories to use conceptually allocated funds within a certain period of time. Alternatively, you can reallocate the funds to projects in other jurisdictions.

In total, the Australian Government has promised up to $ 300 million, and the Government of New South Wales has promised an additional $ 108.2 million to fund state-wide upgrades under Tranche 1.

New South Wales to see $ 400 million in road safety fund blitz New South Wales to see $ 400 million in road safety fund blitz

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