New speedrun technique sets Skyrim’s glitchless world record to less than 73 minutes

Skyrim Is a big game, but speedrunners have been making it look small for years, and there seems to be more to discover. Skyrim Speedrunner has discovered a new technique that could reduce the quest run of the main story without glitches by one minute. This brings new life to the category where previous world records occupied most of the year.

NS Skyrim Glitchless Main Quest Thanks to the runners, the world record has dropped to 1:12:15 Nuclear (As discovered by TheGamer).Until very recently, nucular held its world record at 1:14:07, but as fellow runners show, new technology is in the air. TODDs_Telemedien, Breaking new possibilities in this category.

Basically, it depends on Quest A Cornered Rat. There, you will enter the Riften sewer to meet Esbern. With some skill and a little luck, you can get an angry guard to follow you towards the meeting. That way, when the meeting is over, he will take you directly to jail. This effectively acts as a teleport from the sewer, eliminating the hassle of leaving the area and reducing execution by more than a minute.

Check out the current world records below.

I look forward to talking about, in part, all the new speedruns that will come the final day after. Release date of Elder Scrolls 6..

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