New team Yankee Soviet available from Battlefront

The Cold War is getting hotter as the Soviets roll across Europe. It doesn’t happen in real life, World war III.. And there are new Soviet books and minis that you can order now from the Battlefront website.

World War III: Soviet

World War III: The Soviet Union is our third updated book for World War III: Team Yankee. It has all the great options and units that Red Thunder had, but with more formations and units added. World War III: The Soviet Union expands and strengthens the army available in the Red Army for the Soviet army.

Soviet Starter Force (Plastic) (TSUAB04)

This starter force includes:

5 T-80 tanks, 2 BMP-3 scouts, 3 Spandrel anti-tank vehicles, 2 Gaskin AA vehicles, 2 Mi-24 Hind helicopters, 2 SU-25 frogfoot aircraft, 8 rare earth magnets, 5 decal sheets, 1 finished A5 rulebook, 1 Soviet “Start Here Booklet”, 10 unit cards

T-55AM Tank Company (Plastic) (TSBX22)

The T-55AM tank has undergone a number of modernizations, including additional semi-reactive armor plating on the turret and hull front, an improved engine, new fire control, a new laser rangefinder, stabilizers, and the ability to fire the AT-10. I am. A Starbucks (9M117 Bastion) tank fired a missile from its main gun.

TOS-1 thermal vaporization rocket launcher battery (TSBX25)

Built on a T-72 chassis, the TOS-1 or Buratino combines with 24 220mm thermovaporative rockets for outstanding maneuverability and protection. A single TOS-1 can completely destroy an area of ​​600m x 400m and destroy the entire NATO company in a defensive position.


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