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New tests allow rapid detection of mild cognitive impairment and dementia

As the world’s population ages, the proportion of dementia is increasing globally. Given the importance of early detection to treatment, effective methods of screening for dementia are a high priority for research. Currently, Japanese researchers have developed a new screening tool that can be administered in minutes.

In a study published in PLOS ONEResearchers at Kanazawa University have found it effective in screening for both dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in just 5 minutes, called the Cognitive Computerized Assessment Battery (C-ABC). Unveiled a new computerized cognitive test.

Computerized cognitive tests are often chosen because they are more accurate than the paper and pencil versions and do not require training to manage. However, computerized cognitive tests for dementia and MCI usually take 10 to 30 minutes to complete. In addition, the wide range of existing tests can make it difficult for healthcare professionals to choose the right test for detecting dementia or MCI. Researchers at Kanazawa University sought to address this by creating tests that could be used to screen both conditions accurately and efficiently.

“Patients with dementia usually have disorientation and severe memory loss, but patients with MCI and those with normal cognition rarely have both,” said the co-author of the study. One Shigeko Noguchi-Mr. Shinohara says. “We wanted to develop a test that could efficiently distinguish between these cognitive states.”

To do this, researchers collected C-ABC scores from participants of various age groups (50s, 60s, and 70-85 years) with dementia, MCI, and normal dementia. .. We then performed a series of statistical tests to determine if the tests could distinguish between normal cognition, dementia, and MCI.

“The results were amazing,” explains senior author Masahito Yamada. “We found that C-ABC can distinguish between individuals with MCI and individuals with normal cognition using scores for items that took only 5 minutes to complete.”

In fact, in the 75-80 year old group, answers from two questions could distinguish between MCI participants and normal cognitive participants, and these two items were completed in just two minutes.

“Comparing the C-ABS score with the scores of the frequently used Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), we found a high correlation, although C-ABC completed significantly faster than MMSE and was MCI or mild. May be sensitive to dementia, “says Yamada.

The data show that C-ABC is suitable for initial screening for dementia and MCI when used with a sensitive cutoff score. This new tool makes cognitive screening more accessible and efficient, enabling early detection of MCI or dementia. This may improve treatment options and overall outcomes for individuals with MCI or dementia.

New tests allow rapid detection of mild cognitive impairment and dementia New tests allow rapid detection of mild cognitive impairment and dementia

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