New trailer details and date added Skater XL gear and skate brand

The skateboarding community spent a year of hell in the game, confirming that EA was in the process of new skating. Tony Hawk is dropping a complete remaster of his best game, And Skater XL offer more simulation-style issues to Xbox One, PS4, and PC. However, it’s even better following Easy Day Studios, confirming that the Skater XL player will soon be featured in the first new community map, and a new trailer. This shows the details and dates of the arrival of gear created by the community and is a new skate brand in the game.

So December 16, 2020 is the day you want to pick up the board and set up new content. Skater XL.. When it’s available via Steam on Xbox One (and Xbox Series X | S), PS4, and PC, it’s hosting new content with over 250 additional gear, all by the most passionate Skater XL player. It will be created.

Consider new drops by adding customized decks, trucks, wheels, clothing, shoes, skins, and even beards and tattoos. 3 new community maps (Riverfern, Quebec Skate Plaza, Applewood Park) will be on display in early November and the future of Skater XL is hot. In addition, this first drop marks the beginning of regular community content updates to Skater XL on all platforms – all at the push of a button!

In addition, a new skate brand will officially appear in the game, giving you the opportunity to accessory your skater with new gear from selected brands such as Illegal Civ, Uma Landsleds, Cariuma Footwear, MACBALIFE and AmGrip. You can see all of this in the trailer below.

If you haven’t got the Skater XL yet, but are enjoying something like Tony Hawk’s remaster, you’ll probably need to join from December 16th. It offers a level of skateboarding paradise with famous skate landmarks and environmental elements, including maps created by communities such as downtown Los Angeles, giant big ramps, Easy Day High, Grant Park, Hadland, and Street. The fact that you can also play as skateboarding pros Thiago Remos, Evan Smith, Tom Asta and Brandon Westgate all help.Just pop over to Xbox store Download the Xbox, or get a store in your favorite format if you need other options.

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New trailer details and dates additional Skater XL gear and skate brands

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