New World of Warships Update: Italian Ships and “Big Hunt”

Wargaming, the developer and publisher of the popular and free-to-play naval game World of Warships (WoWS), today announced update 0.10.2 of the game. This update introduces a new temporary combat type “Big Hunt”, updated visual effects, and new rewards that can be earned in Part 2 of the Italian battleship event.

Big hunt begins!

The Sea Monster is back with revenge on an improved version of Key Battle Game Mode, which debuted last Halloween. The new battle type lets 16 players fight each other as they compete to escape through a portal in the center of a huge polygon map. Dedicated event ships have a variety of modules and consumables, and there are many build variations that players can experiment with to make an impact.

Players participate in each battle solo, but can build their own team as the action unfolds. Or, if you participate as part of a division, you can find each other on the map, unite and coordinate your efforts.

Players can gain temporary resources by destroying monsters, other players, and the new boss ship “Aurora”. Battle points can be used to strengthen the ship directly in battle and later redeem it for arsenal rewards.

Visual enhancement

This new update brings a major makeover with all in-game effects, from shell tracer and gun firing to splashes of water, fires on board, and all AA effects. Lighting device. It comes with a huge number of visual effects added to Ricocket, Citadel Hits, Neutralized Weapons, and Consumables.

Part 2 of the Italian Battleship Event

Early Access deployments of Italian battleships continue, and players continue to enjoy Tier VIII and IX ships out to sea with Early Access with the release of Tier IV to VI and Update 0.10.1.

Italian battleship containers earned as a reward for combat missions may drop one of the following premium ships: VI Leone, VII Duca degli Abruzzi, VIII Roma, or IX Marco Polo, Special Signals, Free XP, Regia Marina Consumables camouflage, battleship premium accounts, and doubloons.

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World of Warships NEW UPDATE: Italian Ships and the ‘Big Hunt’

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