New World Which faction should I join?

One of the biggest options you face with Amazon’s new MMO is which New World faction to join.

Joining a faction is essential if you want to get the most out of your New World PvP system. Your daily activities do not change much, but your role on the continent, your influence, and the number of enemies do not change. li>New World Faction Description

  • How to Join a New World Faction
  • Which faction to choose
  • New World of Participating Factions | What is a New World Faction?

    New World factions exist to rule the continent. The ultimate goal of each faction is to conquer as many territories as possible. These groups have in-game folklore reasons for pursuing these dreams, but the practical benefits are paramount.

    Factions offer buffs on their territory, which means spending an easier time with any enemy you encounter on the lawn of your home. Factions also set tax rates at borders and have general administrative oversight of what is happening there.

    Adding territory to a faction means engaging in a bit of deception and war. In New World, you can fight other factions for land management, but only if you weaken them first. Weakening involves taking on faction missions. In this mission you will perform routine PvE such as fighting enemies and PvP tasks that are exposed to challenges from other players.

    PvP elements extend beyond weakening. Rival faction players can attack you outside your safe zone, and your faction can participate in 50-50 wars with rival groups.

    Some factions act like other MMO guilds, but these do not affect momentary behavior.

    Finally, every faction has its own equipment that can be purchased in the faction currency earned by completing PvE missions. The benefits of faction equipment are primarily superficial. No faction equipment offers a specific advantage over those sold by other factions.

    New World of Participating Factions | How to Join a New World Faction

    You must reach level 10 before the option to join a faction opens. Once you’ve selected a faction, you’ll have a series of starter quests to complete. You can switch factions after 120 days if you wish, but you can’t drop out to be the strongest faction in New World.

    The three factions you can choose from are:

    • Syndicate: A secret society that wants to create enlightenment through forbidden knowledge.
    • contract: An enthusiastic faction determined to promote holiness by eliminating heretics.
    • Predator: A military faction dedicated to creating freedom through conquest.

    New World of Participating Factions | Best New World Factions

    The answer to which faction to join is: It doesn’t really matter. Joining a large faction first is a good starting point as it gives you the opportunity to see how things work and whether buffs make a big difference in your playing style.

    If you want to take on more challenges, consider choosing a faction of medium or smaller size. It’s a better way to get the most out of your faction, as your faction’s mission serves a greater purpose in the struggle to turn the table.

    Amazon also teased the vulnerable system, which gives some kind of boost to weak factions. It didn’t make its debut in beta, but it should prevent conflicting factions from suffering significant disadvantages when they dominate the land too much.

    If you’re still familiar with working with New World, check out the location overview for rare items such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the bosses you face in a quest, such as Boatswain Ambrose, are not the easiest to track down.

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