New Xbox update allows you to pre-install game pass titles

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, December 1, 2020 16:38 GMT

Microsoft is committed to constantly updating new consoles.

A new update to Microsoft’s Xbox console allows users to install game pass titles before they go out.

In a post on Xbox Wire, the company states that it will be able to download unreleased games from the Game Pass app. To find upcoming titles, you need to go to the Coming Soon section. Not all releases in this section can be pre-installed, but releases that cannot be downloaded before the release can be queued and installed at the time of release.

That’s not the only thing included in this new update. You can now personalize your Xbox Series X or Series S with a dynamic background. The new badge shows games that use automatic HDR and releases that are optimized for Microsoft’s new console. When the player sets up the Xbox console for the first time,[ゲームアクティビティ]You can also check achievements and add family accounts from the menu tab.

“This month marks the beginning of the next generation console game on Xbox with the release of the Xbox Series X | S. Team Xbox is excited to continue offering new ways to further enhance the experience on Xbox.” Written by Jonathan Hill Devrant, Principal Program Manager at Xbox Experiences.

“We regularly release software updates designed to improve the Xbox gaming experience based on feedback, including new features and bug fixes, as we did on Xbox One.”

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles went on sale November 10. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said it has sold more consoles than any other console in the last 24 hours.

It is also reported that the launch of the Xbox Series X / S was Microsoft’s new record in the United Kingdom.

Between April and September of this year, Xbox Game Pass subscribers increased by 50% to 15 million users.

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New Xbox update lets you pre-install Game Pass titles

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