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New Year, a new story of ag


New Year, a new story of ag

This year is the New Year, a new outlook for the ag industry, and ag economists say uncertainty will be the driving force behind the ag economy in 2022.

David Widmar is a co-founder of Agricultural Economic Insights. “The area debate will be really important for setting how big and how much the world’s age factories will be produced,” he says. “It looks like it’s going to be very competitive. Of course, we’re monitoring the weather and yields for this year, but of course we’re looking at buying in China and how it works.”

He says brownfield producers will need to outline their expectations for next year. “What are I budgeting for,” he says. “Maybe my expectations for product prices or acreage in 2022? And what is the range of results I think is possible?”

Overall, he says he is optimistic that the ag economy can be built in 2021.

New Year, a new story of ag New Year, a new story of ag

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