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New Year’s Eve weddings are held without delay

COVID-19 has caused havoc in the wedding industry.Countless ceremonies are held Cancel And it was postponed. Affected businesses range from flower shops on the sidewalk outside the closed Town Hall in downtown Manhattan to venues, hotels and honeymoon suites in and around the five districts.

However, the coronavirus does not change the fact that New Year’s Eve is a popular day to get married. The built-in promise of renewals just around the corner, the special brilliance of seasonal celebrations, and, of course, the potential economic benefits of filing a joint tax return are some explanations of the appeal.

“It’s already a party. People are ready to celebrate,” Rev. Annie Lawrence, 52, New York City The wedding officiant who married for the 2,000th time in mid-December.

Olga Tupros (44), who lives in Queens and teaches fourth grade at PS 83 in Manhattan, decided to tie a knot with Philip Contonikolas (35), who works on the Long Island Rail Road on New Year’s Eve. They exchanged “I do” at Astoria Park on Thursday afternoon.

The bride wore a white suit. “I bought it at Express yesterday,” Tsoupros said Wednesday. The groom wore a gray suit. The couple’s family watched at a short and simple ceremony overlooking the East River.

In 2021, she arranged for a more formal New Year’s Eve wedding in the Bahamas.

“You can start a new life and a new year at the same time,” said Tsoupros, who was engaged on June 21st. “I couldn’t be happy about getting married on the last day of the year. I didn’t think it would be possible this year.”

You need a license to get married. This is a process that currently requires a reservation by Project Cupid. This is a virtual license reservation system set up in April after the New York Marriage Agency was closed by a pandemic.

Since its launch, there has been an appointment log jam. NYC CityClerk Clerk twitter account, Post weekly updates about when it will be available.

“I’ve been waiting for my appointment for months,” Tsoupros said, adding that he booked a few weeks ago. “It was like winning an award.”

To capture that moment, Tsoupros searched online and contacted wedding photographer Kristy May, 41. KristyMay became an officer through the Universal Life Church this year.

“This year is new to me,” said May, who has been snapping happy couples for over a decade. “I lost the wedding in July with a photographer who was also an officer. They were competitive. I thought,” I can fix it. ” “

Olga Tsoupros and Philip Kontonicolas got married on New Year’s Eve 2020 in Astoria, Queens. Also Photo: Photographer and Officiant Christie May.

Courtesy of the couple

The wedding of Tsoupros-Kontonicolas was on the 13th in May. “For the last four years, I’ve had a wedding on New Year’s Eve,” said the photographer. “This is a great way to mark the end of the year with something fun and positive.”

On New Year’s Eve 2020, Emily Grander, 29, a researcher at the Big Four accounting firms, and Adam Butler, 32, a media researcher at Vevo, reflect that sentiment.

The couple got engaged on Christmas 2019 and decided to get married this year after receiving advice from their grandmother (“Don’t wait!”).They got married through zoom

From my home in Long Island City, Queens on Thursday.

Grander said he wore a white ModCloth dress that “feels casual and appropriate” and that his father, who lives in White Plains, dropped flowers with bagels, rocks and champagne. Butler pulled out a blue suit from the closet.

After three weeks of trials, they secured a license and chose a New Year’s Eve wedding. Pastor Annie has been appointed, as Lawrence is known. She had five more zoom marriages on the same day.

Adam Butler and Emily Grander got married at the 2020 New Year’s Eve Zoom Ceremony.

Courtesy of the couple

“This year has been unprecedented. Allowing virtual weddings is new to 2020. Tell people that this year is making history.”

“I thought,’Let’s scatter bright sparks at the end of the year,'” Butler said. These sparks were seen by family and friends in New York, England, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Grander was pleased with the fact that his loved ones shared the opportunity “without buying plane tickets or paying for it.”

New Year’s Eve weddings are held without delay New Year’s Eve weddings are held without delay

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