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East Rutherford, NJ- New York Giants Seems to have found their coach. The question is whether the right general manager is paired with him to get the organization back on the road to victory.

The Giants dismissed Director Pat Schulmer on December 30, last year, and when he later hired Joe Judge, he retained Dave Gettleman because he wanted to give him a chance to finish what he had started.

Basically, Gettleman, who was hired as a GM in December 2017, was notified.

At the time, Gettleman said, “I’m really happy with the direction we’re heading,” adding that the Giants’ success “depends on how quickly the puppies arrive.”

A year later, the Giants are defeated from 5-11 and victorious (and some help) from the occupation of the NFC East. Relationship with Getleman: It’s complicated.

It leaves some serious uncertainty about how ownership looks this season. The Giants have made progress and played a meaningful December game. This is what co-owner John Mara wanted to see this season. But that’s just because of the incompetence of the division-Washington and Dallas are leading the NFC East district 6-9-and if the last three weeks prove something, the Giants are still real playoff candidates. It’s a long way to be.

Regarding the future of Gettleman, This is to say that Mara will be a measuring bar Before the season begins in September:

“When I leave the field after the last game I played, I want to feel like I’m heading in the right direction. I have the pieces in place to compete in the Super Bowl. The combination of people we’re here is , Will continue to work. [co-owner] Steve [Tisch] And I need to feel that way. “

The tricky part is that the Giants seem to be heading in the right direction, but light-years away from having the talent to compete in the Super Bowl. In the last three games (all defeats), the roster that Gettleman has collected over the past three years has been categorized by playoff candidates. Arizona Cardinals (Loss of 26-7 in week 14) and Cleveland Browns (20-6) And not even in the same stratosphere Baltimore Ravens (27-13).

It’s blatantly obvious, and some of the giant’s buildings are well aware of the inadequate level of talent.

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New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman enters week 17 and future is uncertain New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman enters week 17 and future is uncertain

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