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Florham Park, NJ-for the first time in two years New York Jets The team is in the head coach market after breaking up with Adam Gace on Sunday.

They broke the long franchise trend in 2019 by hiring an aggressive coach at Gase.This time, Jets thinks he’s more open-minded, but it’s important to have a strong offensive coach on staff to fix his incumbent quarterback. Sam darnold Or develop a high pick from 2021 NFL draft..

According to sources, the search works as follows: It will be run by CEO Christopher Johnson, Team President Haimy Elhai, and General Manager Joe Douglas. Douglas recommends who to hire and Johnson makes the final decision. This is not a bang bang process. It will be widespread and thorough, sources said.Douglas was able to reach for him Baltimore Ravens The past for candidates. Relationships are important in the NFL.

Here’s how to handicap your search:

Choosing the best coordinator

Eric Binnie Emmy, Kansas City Chiefs Aggressive Coordinator: Jets interviewed him in 2019, but they didn’t consider him one of the top three to four candidates. Vinniemy, 51, is an attractive employer. Because everyone wants part of that Andy Reid.Patrick Mahomes magic. He is not the Chiefs’ main play caller and may have something to do with some, but he is considered a charismatic leader.

Brian Dabol, Buffalo Bills Aggressive Coordinator: Bill Belichick / Nick Saban’s coach tree branch, Dabol, 45, deserves a big prop to care for Bills quarterbacks Josh Allen.. He works for defensive head coach Sean McDermott, so he knows it’s a show of Dabol’s attacks. He would be perfect for changing Darnold and newcomers. Longtime fans of Jets may recall that he was a quarterback coach for Eric Mangini’s staff in 2007-08.

Matt Everfras, Indianapolis Colts Defense Coordinator: He is a reputed defensive mind who has transformed Colts into a consistently solid unit.Everfras interviewed for Cleveland BrownsThe 2019 head coach vacancy is allied with an assistant to former Colts executive Jets GM Rex Hogan.

Robert Surrey, San Francisco 49ers Defense Coordinator: Pete Carroll’s disciple, Sale, did a great job in the 49ers defense. It was a small miracle that they finished fifth in total defense this season, given the number of injuries they suffered. 41-year-old Sale is a fiery coach who brings the energy that Jets has longed for. He is loved by the players.

Arthur Smith, Tennessee Titans Aggressive Coordinator: Under Smith, quarterback Ryan Tannehill Went from Miami Dolphins Cast off to MVP candidates. The Titans have made the fifth highest scoring attack in the last two seasons. Smith, 38, climbed the ladder of the Titans organization, but had limited experience elsewhere. Does he have a personality dealing with New York? His father is Fred Smith, the founder of FedEx.

Connection to Douglas

Jim Caldwell, ex Detroit Lions coach: Caldwell was the attack coordinator for Ravens, the team that won the Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, when Douglas worked as a Baltimore scout. 65-year-old Caldwell has a lot of experience as a head coach (62-50 records in the NFL) and his specialty is quarterbacks. Will he excite his fan base? He didn’t move the needle when interviewed for Jets’ work in 2019.

Ravens Defense Coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale: Yes, another Baltimore connection. Martindale, 57, has spent the past nine years with Ravens and has been a coordinator for the past three years. The man knows how to guide defense. He is a disciple of Rex Ryan.Martindale interviewed for New York Giants‘Last year’s vacancies.

Stanford coach David Shaw: He checks the keybox. He is a former Ravens Assistant (Douglas’ era as a scout), has experience as a head coach (90-36 at Stanford University), and has an aggressive mind. The question is whether he can be pried open from Stanford.

‘All College Try

Matt Campbell, Iowa: Jets wanted to interview him for a job in 2019, but he declined the invitation. Campbell, 41, is an aggressive coach who is considered a program builder and leader. He was a consistent winner in Toledo before taking over Iowa. There are no 5-star new hires in Iowa, but there are 34-28 records. The biggest concern is that he has no NFL experience.

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwest: He taught his alma mater for 15 years, taking the program to unimaginable heights.Fitzgerald, 46, can be a coach, but many think the only NFL job he thinks is Chicago Bears..

Jim Harbo, Michigan: He will be a candidate for polarization. His success at the San Francisco 49ers (44-19-1, one Super Bowl appearance) is indisputable, but his run in Michigan was disappointing (49-22). His personality hurt people, which was a San Francisco issue. The Johnsons, who own the Jets, have long been fascinated by the 57-year-old Harbo. He interviewed Jets about his job as head coach in 2009.He Reportedly in extension negotiations with Michigan..

Out of the box

Joe Brady, Carolina Panthers Aggressive Coordinator: Let’s talk about the rise of meteors. Brady, 31, is a 9-year college graduate. He exploded in the national scene in 2019 as LSU’s Pass Game Coordinator. This is the season when the Tigers won the national championship in the quarterback. Joe Burrow (((Cincinnati Bengals). He jumped to the NFL and did a solid job in North Carolina, despite the lack of a running back. Christian McCaffrey Most of the season. His lack of experience is a concern.

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New York Jets Coach Candidates: Coordinator, Connection with GM Joe Douglas-New York Jets Blog New York Jets Coach Candidates: Coordinator, Connection with GM Joe Douglas-New York Jets Blog

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