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Florham Park, NJ- New York Jets, Those who once considered quarterbacks Sam darnold Uncontrollable assets are open to listening to trade offers.

General manager Joe Douglas said in a video conference with reporters Wednesday that he would “answer the phone when he receives a call,” confirming previous reports that Jets was willing to conduct a field survey.

Jets faces a major quarterback decision: stay in Darnold, draft an alternative with a second pick, or perhaps pursue Houston Texans Star Deshaun Watson If he becomes available-a potential scenario that Douglas neglected.

Douglas said he wouldn’t rush to make a quarterback decision, but there is an imminent deadline for safety. Marcus May, A pending free agent. The agent crashed into Jets on social media on Tuesday night. GM dismissed the criticism, saying its goal was to sign a long-term contract with Meyer. If that is not possible, you can use the franchise tag by the Tuesday deadline.

The quarterback drama remains a headline, especially in the light of Darnold’s struggle.

With a closing date of 2019, Douglas said he would listen to offers from all players except the franchise quarterback, putting Darnold in that category. Obviously, that position has changed. Since the end of the season, the organization has remained uncommitted to Darnold.

“Because it’s related to Sam, I think Sam is a dynamic player in this league with incredible talent,” Douglas said. “He really has the opportunity to advance his outstanding potential. [But] When I get a call, I will answer. “

Jets received multiple calls from the team of interest. ESPN’s Adam Chefter previously reported.. Their plan is to evaluate the draft’s top quarterbacks before making a decision about Darnold. BYU seems to be the most promising candidate for second place Zach Wilson.. “We are collecting as much information as possible-good information-” about the available quarterbacks, Douglas said. Another option is to stick to Darnold and replace the second pick for transporting draft topics.

The wildcard is Watson. With two first round picks in the next draft and two more picks in 2022, Jets has the ammunition to make a successful trade in that caliber.

As a rule, Douglas is forbidden to comment directly on Watson, but he seems not keen on the possibility of trading significant draft capital for one player. Of course, it may be posture.

“Obviously, we have many different scenarios and many different rabbit holes that we can get off,” he said in response to a common question about potential blockbuster deals. It was. “I don’t really get into fictitious questions, but I just go back [our philosophy]..

“To get to where we have a great team, the most consistent team, we do it through the draft. This is the most team-friendly market in the sport. We will always be the team competing for the Super Bowl. To hit our draft topic. “

Jets has a history of trading off top draft topics.They exchanged unfortunate safety Jamal Adams Last summer, and now, May (his former buddy) doesn’t seem to be fascinated by the negotiations. Agent Eric Burkhart tweeted that Jets “refuses to take care of their best players, captains, and MVPs of team voting.”

Douglas wiped it out and showed that it was part of business and negotiation. He said he had a “productive conversation” with May’s agent, adding that “our plans haven’t changed. We’re working to keep Marcus here in the long run.”

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New York Jets GM Joe Douglas opens in Sam Darnold, downplaying ideas for trading with star players New York Jets GM Joe Douglas opens in Sam Darnold, downplaying ideas for trading with star players

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