New Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Video Shows Game Autosave

At the beginning of the month, Nintendo released a special quality of life trailer for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD. It’s been revealed that the game will feature a new auto-save option designed to keep your progress safe. Curiously, this feature was mentioned only at the end of the PR feature list and was technically found in the video, but never really highlighted as noteworthy.

But now you can get a better look at the actual storage features of Skyward Sword HD. On Twitter, Nintendo shared a new clip that explains how multiple save slots in the game work and shows how the autosave feature runs in the background.

Such a small thing seems to be so usually By today’s standards, but will they certainly make a difference?

Over the last few weeks, Nintendo has revealed that game hours will benefit from a “smooth gameplay experience” and shared a spectacular “Hero Rise” trailer to shed blood.

The game is only 4 days old-are you still excited?

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